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  • Daniel Westerberg
    Daniel Westerberg wrote:
    So.. a customer is visiting Beijing in June and wants to check out some sportsbars near Chaoyang, but that is nothing I have and idea about since I don't really go to such places myself..

    So I ask you guys, what sportsbar is the best in downtown Beijing?
    (sportsbar = big tv with sports on and good draft beer :P)
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    Paddy O' Shea's

    Classy. Great selection of drinks and about 15 big screens and a projector. Just outside Sanlitun. (google it)
  • Daniel Westerberg
    thanks guys
  • Hariwan Zebari
    Pete DeMola wrote: Posted 4 weeks ago

    Nightlife blogger Beijing Boyce just posted a great summary of where to watch the games here in Beijing.

    Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this site in the upcoming weeks... and be sure to thank Mr. Boyce for his legwork.

  • Hariwan Zebari
    Mmmm it didnt past the link and apparently beijing boyce's blog is down ... sorry
  • Charles
    Charles wrote:
    All Star is not bad~
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    all star is good, and I wish it could invite in some hooters-style. anyway, since it's a sportsbar, who cares

  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    Goose and Duck
  • Sab
    Sab wrote:
    All-Stars?? No way... over priced Solana Mall shit, no mood there.

    Luga's Villa in Sanlitun north of the Village. Basement specialized for Sports fans. Many LCD's and projector outside on the terrace for bigger events. Draft beer 15 yuan. Best!
  • Cice Liao
    Cice Liao wrote:
    shunyi many sport bar i think...near pinnacle plaza
  • Fiona Bai
    Fiona Bai wrote:

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