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  • Danielle
    Danielle wrote:

    Have you ever heard of Peking International Hostel in Wudaokou ?未名国际旅社?
    I am just being a little bit curious about how many people here on this site had been staying in this hostel before ,just like me. I had fantastic time there for the past winter ,over 40 days in total,and my 2 weeks' trip just last week for my exams in BJ.

    I think this is the best place to stay for tourists who are in Wudakou,morever,I met so many wonderful friends there from all over the world.
    Part of my memory with BJ's excitment is the hostel life,and i cannot wait to go back there again soon this summer if possible.

    I miss you, Peking hostel,and Wudaokou ...

    if you know this place or even stayed there, just drop me a line !


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