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  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    It looks like Wudaokou residents are taking a hit this summer with the absence of a classic summertime neighborhood fixture: the neighborhood Beer Garden, a happy and joyous place where all sorts of snacks are served alongside cheap draft beer.

    All. Night. Long.

    Word on the street is that the space utilized last year (next to the Wudaokou Subway Station, across from Huaqing Jiayuan) will be occupied by clothing vendors.

    Side rant: As if Wudaokou didn't have enough vendors already. Since I first touched down in Wudaokou in Summer '06, I've watched the neighborhood transform slowly into a three-ring circus, with the vendors multiplying like the black plague, making pedestrian traffic virtually impossible with their piles of absolutely useless bullshit, from the ballcap-wearing Tibetans with their knock.off silver bracelets to the average folk with their cheap plastic shit.

    Side rant #2: I once saw a police truck drive over everyone's shit. Good for them!

    Back to the issue at hand, the absence of a beer garden really sucks.

    Does anyone know of any other beer gardens here in Beijing?

    This is an serious issue facing our community, people. We need a place to recline on cheap plastic chairs with our friends, eat chuan'r, drink lots of beer and find people with whom we can have drunken sex with.

    It just ain't summer in Beijing without one.

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