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  • AM
    AM wrote:
    想找一位志同道合的,能够经常在一起排练,演出,合作和写新歌的吉他手,有认识的和感兴趣的可以随便给我扔帖子。这纯属业余爱好,非商业行为。谢谢 :)

    looking for a guitarist with gig experience and songwriting ability. Pretty open minded about sound, rock/punk is our stile but pretty versatile as long as itjust need some keen to practice and perform regularly pretty versatile as long as it sounds good. just need some keen to practice and perform regularly. and hope can make some new friends wich loves music :)
  • Michelle Platt
    hi am I would like to meet ur band. I am rock guitarist. my band sound in jinan;
  • Joachim D. Jensen
    I'm interested, you can contact me via pm on here. What's your setup and when do you practice?

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