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  • 赛博 - Saibo
    赛博 - Saibo wrote:
    So the beijinger released their list of club and bar winners for this year's awards. See the results

    The categories were:
    Best Cocktails
    Best (Individual) Cocktail
    Best Cheap Drinks
    Most Reliable Drinks
    Best Whiskey Bar
    Best Wine
    Best Beer
    Best Bartender
    Best Daily Happy Hour
    Best Ladies' Night
    Best Regular Event
    Best Quiz Night
    Best Live Rock Venue
    Best Live Jazz Venue
    Most Beautiful People
    Friendliest Crowd
    Best Service
    Best Place to Find a Date
    Best Place to Bring a Date
    Sexiest Bar Staff
    Best Bar Food
    Best Late-Night Dining
    Best Hotel Bar
    Best Student Hangout
    Best Nightclub
    Best Sports Bar
    Best Place for Dancing
    Best Lounge
    Best Business Networking
    Best Hidden Gem
    Best After Hours Club (post-2am)
    Best Party of the Year
    Best New Bar/Club
    Bar/Club of the Year

    So go see the list and let us know where you agree / disagree!

    For me:
    Best cheap drinks: I'm surprised that Kai / Butterfly / Shooters are not listed since they're quite the cheapest in Sanlitun. And probably Wudaokou has a few cheap places too.
    Best wine: Home.
    Best beer: Totally agree: it's the tree!
    Best ladies night: agree again, it's either friday at tun or thursday at Xiu
    Best live venue: agree again, yugongyishan is a really nice place for that!
    Most beautiful people: Xiu for sure, they also have LAN, but LAN really sucks if you ask me!
    Best to find a date: I would have Tun and Xiu as my firsts and not as 3rd and 4th
    Best bar food: Tree and lugas, I'm still in line with the official results
    Best late night dining: for me it's always Luga's or 'any local 串 dealer'
    Best student hangout: oooops not interested!
    Best night club: ooooops not interested!
    Best sports bar: for me it's the pavilion. Hard to beat the outside garden for the worldcup!

    And for many categories I was like just completely unable to vote, like best individual cocktail, where you have to chose between 10 bars and 1 of their cocktails among the thousands available here....
  • Suzzane Mccusker
    Cheap drinks; I would say Juicy Spots

    Best late night dining: too bad. they listed my neighborhood chuai place in the restaurant awards, not this one.

    Best Live Rock Venue: I would say 2 kelegas

    and yeah, Chad won big this year. Fubar became my favorite bar after rickshaw closed down.
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    Best cheap drinks-the 3 kuai beers at Qing Zhen Lanzhou Ma La Mian across from the Tsinghua science plazza.
  • Daniel Westerberg
    I used to love Kai club and the cheap teaquila races :P however, I am prettys sure that what they sell is fake alcohol, the prices is just way to low to be genuin stuff.
  • Mohammed Abdi
    Mohammed Abdi wrote:
    this is juicy stuff.
    some names do ring bells for me

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