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  • JackyYam
    JackyYam wrote:
    Travelling around 2010 EXPO and
    visit the watery region on the south of the Yangtze River
    Splitting the Bill ! AA制
    Four days, four nights, to visit the Shanghai EXPO, to visit Suzhou City which is famous for its watery region, and to taste the widely different customs and practices of the south of the Yangtze River
    6. 3 21:00 Gather at the square of Beijing railway station and go to the first stop of this trip --Shanghai by train.
    6. 4 Shanghai –the largest city in China, and the center of Chinese trade and economy
    ★ visit the Six hundred years Taoist temple of a city ruling deity and a famous large bazaar which is the most bustling and flourishing tourist district of Shanghai
    ★ visit the Yu yuan Garden—the only well preserved garden built in Ming dynasty, the ancient bridge with nine bends, the most famous Shanghai cuisine restaurant named Green Waves Corridor
    ★ Visit the alleys of Shanghai which are totally different from those of Beijing, taste the original flavor of Shanghai
    ★visit the most modern and prosperous section of east China. Countless skyscrapers, the tallest buildings and the most expensive apartment community in china. And the hottest bar area in china, indulge in a bar-hopping life
    6.5 EXPO DAY gather at the lobby of our hotel at 8 am and go to the EXPO garden
    ★ Visit at least four pavilions. We could visit one reserved pavilion without waiting
    6.6 Gather at the lobby of our hotel at 8 am and go to the Suzhou city. Transferred by luxurious bus
    ★ Suzhou city–the famous historic and cultural city, the silk capital of china, the classical Garden city
    ★A tourist attraction for Chinese emperors -- the top watery village on the south of the Yangtze River given by the Qiaolong emperor. Visit the lingering garden, one the most famous ancient gardens in China .
    Visit the biggest state-run silk factory, to watch the full process of silk making, to know how a silk product is made from a silk worm to a piece of silk. Come back to Beijing by train after visiting the silk factory
    Please pick up one return train number when you signing up for this trip according to your schedule
    optional:Train number :D314, 6th of Jun 21:25——7th of Jun 07:34 price :327RMB (soft seat)
    Train number :T104, 6th of Jun 21:58——7th of Jun 11:17 price :327RMB (berth)
    Total price for train tickets for both ways: 327RMB+327RMB
    Activity and service charge: Only 150 RMB
    Covering : charge of professional leader of the group, ticket booking, hotel and restaurant reservation, discount getting (over 50 participants) This is a real self organized trip and we will split the bill. The total price may be around 1200RMB(covering train tickets,hotel expense,EXPO garden ticket, chinese garden ticket,meal expense,silk factory visiting fare,and traffic expense) if you take our service, compare to the minimum 2000RMB that is charged by tourist group
    1、You have to sign up this trip before 5.18. Please choose an expo pavilion you are most interested in because, we will make a group reservation to the most popular pavilion requested by the participants.
    2、This is not a tourist agency program so this trip is limited to 100 participants
    3、Please bear in mind the gathering place and time, be cautious of your safety and take care of your personal belongings.
    4、At the EXPO center and garden,lighter, matches , and smoking are prohibited
    Contacts: 13811494177 13693376034 010---65535540 “北京说(Beijingsays club)”
    Please fill in the entry form or send short message to us with your name when signing up
    msn: jackyyam1111@hotmail.com vipacer@hotmail.com
    More information is available at www.beijingsays.net The only community in Beijing for foreign and Chinese students

    6月3日 21:00在北京站广场集合,乘坐火车前往旅行第一站上海
  • Kim Torjul
    Kim Torjul wrote:
    D314 6日21:25——7日07:34 票价为 327元(软座)
    T104 6日21:58——7日11:17 票价为 327元(卧铺)


    报名电话:13811494177 13693376034 “北京说(beijingsays)” 报名时请填写报名表,并编辑名字短信报名!
    MSN: jackyyam1111@hotmail.com vipacer@hotmail.com
    E—mail: beijingsays@gmail.com beijngsays@hotmail.com
    详细请访问 www.beijingsays.net 北京唯一属于中外用户自己的社区
  • Lucy Fifield
    Lucy Fifield wrote:
    wow~~~ great trip ..i wanna join!
  • Lucy Fifield
    Lucy Fifield wrote:
    anybody else ? ???

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