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  • 袜子
    袜子 wrote:
    Looking to pick up an electric bike sometime soon. I've seen some down at WuMart for like...2500, I think? But I've heard that there are decent Chinese brands down around the 1400-1600 range.

    Anyone know anything about these? Recommendations/warnings/etc? Also, tips on where to go to get a "real" lock would be nice as well.

  • Simen Wangberg

    Okay then, what about a place to pick up regular used bikes - like one of those old Flying Pigeons or whatever the brand name is. Huh?
  • Michelle Platt
    i sale my giant elec bike for 1300kuai. its in very good shape

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  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    Becareful, This kind of bikes when are new, they are like candies for the thieves here, later they can sell in the black marke very easily. Not safe, even inside the unis, like BLCU, There are two old women ¨working¨ in this uni, haha
    i´m not kidding

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