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    TOTORO wrote:
    礼仪, well in Beijing probably you ain't gonna need it, 'cause is an "international" city....

    and more and more people will use English to communicate with laowais, xpeccialy some trendy chinese gals which will still talk with u in english even if u start to talk with them in chinese: is it because my chinese sucks (but is actually better than my english), because they strive to learn the magic language or because they still don't want those barbarians to use the holy language?

    Is this also a form of 礼仪?And how many chinese people actually do know 礼仪?
    Are they going really to use them also for laowai or is just worth to use them with Chinese?

    How many 礼仪 do u know?

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)
  • Shane
    Shane wrote:
    Chris, my advice to you is if you really want to learn chinese avoid these kinds of girls at all costs. There are plenty of cooler ones out there.

    Don't play their silly little games at the cost of your own goals.
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    Ignore everyone who insists on speaking English with you even after you tell them you don't speak it. They're either trying to prove they're cool by knowing "foreign language" or they're exclusively trying to take advantage of you to learn English and are too stupid to understand that there are more than two languages in the world.

    Anyone who's not a complete douche-bag should be speaking Chinese with you, unless maybe your Chinese really is that terrible.

    People starting off speaking English with you shouldn't be considered rude though, in fact I think maybe it's polite. I usually address foreigners in English first, since I've found the majority don't speak Chinese. I will occasionally try to throw in one or two words in the language of the person I'm talking to too, just trying to be friendly. I would say that people are trying to make you feel more at home by speaking English, but only if they don't know you don't speak it.
  • Jens Jensen Pettersen
    Frankly, i don't understand the question too clearly....

    for me, speaking English is to make more clear points by "English"way (of course, I attempt).... I do encounter this misunderstanding problem with European speaking English though... but when they speak Chinese to me...4 out of 5 times I got more confused....(this maybe is because I like language "tricks" alot).....

    All languages have tricks in it, can't simply read on the surface..it's related to culture, life, people, education, etc......

    so...don't need to be wondering about this......just tell directly what language you prefer to say and why and clear up all confusions in the conversation....

    I think it got nothing to do with etiquette....does it? :)

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