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  • Kevin Sprague
    Kevin Sprague wrote:
    Hey. I'm looking for recommendations for placing I can buy cds in Beijing. It has to be local Chinese music but in any genre rock, folk, electronic, hip-hop.

    I love digging around for lesser known stuff and talking to owners to get their recommendations but I find good music stores to be fairly rare.

    If you know a good one let me know.
  • Simen Wangberg
    I think there's some shops out in Dashanzi? Near 798. Also the Gulou area in general has a bunch of CD stores, mostly local Chinese stuff I'm pretty sure. Can't be more specific than that as I haven't actually patronized any of these shops, I usually just buy stuff at D-22 if a band has merch with them or something.
  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:
    Go to the Di An Men Xi Da Jie near the south end of Xinjiekou Bei Da Jie, there is a little shop called Free Sound Records, you will find a nice collection of chinese publications, more than any other CD shops i have seen so far. Just go ask them, they can also deliver later on demand if they dont have certain items on stock. But they dont speak English, i think.

    English info: http://wiki.rockinchina.com/index.php?title=Free_Sound_Records
    Official Website: http://www.fmusic.cn/
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    I wrote an article about record shops for an expat rag back in Fall '08. The info should still be relevant:

    Music Space
    This new kid on the block (they opened shop on Aug 22) offers 15 square meters of avant-garde cinema, local music and free coffee.

    No. 113-3 Nanluoguxiang

    Located next to Hutong Pizza in Houhai, this is the place to pick up—gasp—genuine international CDs. Rockland, in addition to their massive selection of burned CDs with environmentally-friendly paper packaging—is also an agent for the Modern Sky and RHC record labels.

    No. 2 Nanguanfang Hutong

    666 Rock Shop
    Lovers of death and black metal, thrash and NWOBHM would do well to take a trip to this aptly-named hotbed of all things shred-worthy. You can even book your favorite CDs online.

    No. 157 Gulou Donglu, Dongcheng

    Free Sound Records
    Located on the south end of the famed Xinjiekou Musical Instrument Street in Xicheng, Free Sound has been kicking out the jams since 2003. Their mission?

    “To support original music, promote genuine discs and be the professional music shop.” Come here for their large selection of domestic rock and roll records.

    No. 40 Di'annen Xidajie, Xicheng

    Sugar Jar

    Agent for Tofu, Xiaosheng, Pocket and Goddess of Mercy Records.

    Check out their "Sunday Listening @ 798" program every Sunday afternoon: an independent music, sound and art exchange project that includes music performances, video screenings, lectures, recitations, teachings, workshops and artist talks from Beijing’s independent music community. Free!

    No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang (Opposite Galleria Continua in 798 Art District)
    1-9pm (Tues-Sun)
  • pommie
    pommie wrote:
    I think Free Sound Records is the place you want. I went there about a week ago so it's definitely up and running.

    This month's Time Out magazine has addresses and maps of four places, but the article is not online yet. You can pick up a copy in the Bookworm.
  • / / / \ \ \
    / / / \ \ \ wrote:
    sugar jar closed

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