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  • GT Sonny
    GT Sonny wrote:
    I lost some of my stamina...Give me hands... I'll eat anything if it's supposed to be good for stamina...Now i am ready to eat anything ..Come on plz
  • Alex
    Alex wrote:
    Basically carbohydrates: cereals, whole bread, fruits, some nuts, etc
    But it depends of your lifestyle and goals, take a look into this article about "Tips to Increase Stamina"...it's old but still quite good:
  • Mia Cong
    Mia Cong wrote:
    redbull~! you'll be juiced!
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... when I saw this thread yesterday, I was not sure whether this is sex related, and since I dont know much about that subject, I did not want to say anything then ... could someone please drag my mind out of my trash for a moment ...

    Like what Alex had said, it depends on each person ... in my family, sweet things usually help, things like chocolate, ice cream, but I suggest not to rely too much on food, because if a person is really down, eating a lot could actually bring up the weight issue, and in a way, that might make matter worse ...

    Off topic ... I suggest you to think of other ways to kill the boredom ... when I was young, I made my own clothes (made a checker shirt and two pair of shorts) ... also did some experimental cooking, and then get my friends and family for a test taste ...
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Being the fat bastard that I am, I am the last person who should be commenting on this but...

    Overall diet change will increase stamina noticeably after just a week or two. Eat less saturated fats, eat more high quality foods. Whole grains (not processed stuff... in general, if there's a choice between white and brown, pick brown. I.E. no white bread, no white noodles, no white rice. Go for brown) & beans should provide most of your calories. Green vegetables and fruits next, and better if they can be eaten raw. If you aren't much of a vegetable person, just get a blender, throw in a bunch of raw carrots and other veggies and some apples/bananas and force yourself to drink that as your daily dose of vegetables. It's a lot easier to drink a big glass of nastiness than to eat a plate of something you don't like.

    For your protein and fat needs, eggs, soy products, beans, and dairy (yogurt and lower fat cheeses) are good choices. As far as meats, in general: seafood > white meat > red meat > processed meat for overall healthiness.

    Eat a good breakfast, and split your other meals in half. If you are on a 9-5 schedule, split your lunch in half and eat the 1st half at 11am and the 2nd half at 2pm. Also, split your dinner in half and eat at 5pm and 7pm. This will boost your metabolism and eating 5 small meals is better than 3 large meals.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Oh, and avoid sugar as much as you can. You get all the natural sugar you need from fruits, veggies, bread and grains... sweet food will give you a quick burst of energy but overall will lower your stamina after the sugar rush wears off.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but we don't need any sugar/simple carbs in our diets at all right? Complex carbs get broken down into sugars anyways, so even with a sugar-free diet you aren't missing any vital nutrients.
  • Lli123 Lli123
    Lli123 Lli123 wrote:
    Redbull...It does not work.. i don't need to feel like placebo effect....
  • Lli123 Lli123
    Lli123 Lli123 wrote:
    jon ku ..i agree with you ...i need a diet and i swear i will eat a bunch of vegetable...Nowaday i am being a couch potato. It's not good for my health
    One of my friends said "Exercise that encourages your heart to get pumping helps increase your physical stamina"...It is absolutly true...
  • Marte Joahansen
    if it's the stamina i fink that dude needs,

    a quarter of a bottle of blue label..johnny

    walker. highly recommended.

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