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  • Jon Gu - 顾晓帆
    Jon Gu - 顾晓帆 wrote:
    I use both and there are definitely pro's and con's to each. My main computer has always been a Windows PC but I used a MacBook Pro 13 as my only computer for about 5 months too and got pretty well acquainted with OS X during that time as well.

    I'm constantly wow'ed by how Apple and OS X just manages to nail the user interface so perfectly almost 100% of the time. People who bash Apple products... have you ever used a Mac before? The user interface is incredibly refined. Everything feels slick and the operating system prioritizes the UI to make sure you don't feel as many slowdowns. The trackpad on the Unibody MacBooks are simply amazing. I've never used a better trackpad in my life, and the multitouch and gesture implementation are beyond anything that Windows computers have. Even if the functions are the same, things just feel smoother.

    There are also nice little touches to the OS X system that a lot of people don't know about. For example, if you switch your keyboard from QWERTY to Dvorak, you can still maintain your Cntrl/Command C/V copy/paste shortcuts whereas Windows has no such provision. Audio output is superior to any PC that doesn't have at least mid-high end audio equipment. The screen on the MacBook or Apple Cinema displays are also nice, bright, contrasty and only recently with RGB-LED's do we see any other manufacturers affordable displays start to beat Apples.

    Yet at the same time, Apple manages to screw up so many basic usability quirks as well. The program utility bar for example is at the top of the screen... which is great, until you install a 2nd screen. The utility bar always stays on the main screen, so if you have a program open in the left monitor, the bar is still on the right monitor. USB ports are seriously lacking on the MacBook Pro line and putting every single port on one side of the computer just plain sucks. I've had power, video, 1 Firewire and 2 USB devices plugged into my laptop and there's just no room for 5 cables sticking out of the left of the computer. And of course there's Apples draconian policies regarding their "i" devices, iPods, iPhones, iTunes, etc. It's really a nightmare compared to open systems.

    So that's my rant of the day. I'm currently going through this ADHD phase with my love/hate relationship with OS X. Apple's tight control of both hardware and software really allows them to nail down the user interface in a way that Windows and it's 5000 hardware partners couldn't hope to accomplish.

    Still, I think that for the vast majority of home computer users, OS X provides a better experience overall. Even Windows 7's interface doesn't feel as slick or as fast.

    Oh and let's not forget Linux! I use Ubuntu sometimes too and believe that it would suit the needs of most people if not for hardware compatibility and software availability issues.

    Oh yeah... I guess the question is, do you use Apple's OS X or Microsoft Windows? Why? Or do you just not care and use whatever computer your family gave you for college?
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
    too long an article, too less the patience of me.

    so simply reply the title : Mac
  • Capt.K.Tian
    Capt.K.Tian wrote:
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    I'm doubly cool and I smoke big fat cigars instead of cigarettes... and I run a hacked version of OS X on my custom built non-Apple desktop as well. Best of both worlds, Apple's operating system without the high price.

    I can almost justify $1100 for a MacBook Pro 13, but the prices for 15 and 17" laptops and the Mac Pro desktop line are entirely ridiculous. I can build a computer with basically identical hardware to a $2500 Mac Pro for about $800, and then just hack OS X onto it for a good user experience. Oh yeah... stickin it to the man
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    Apple or PC? as for operating system, I install both; as for hardware, apple's are awesome as a whole industry product, pretty and neat; HOWEVER, I love the feeling of "I RULE THE MACHINE", I determine WHAT I WANT, but not "Jobs show up and tell me what they got as a phucking 'trend' " ;)

    So...what u guys are talking about, OS or hardware...
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    btw, "Most people who bash Apple products either haven't used them or are clinging to an anti-bandwagon fallacy." I partially agree. Still, I also think "a great portion of people who like Apple products are subject to the 'bandwagen effect' ". It's not conflicting right? ;)
  • Peter S 李贝勒
    os x no virus. but apple is too expensive. In fact i think that u just buy the computer u need... if u write mails and do power point or want to play games, buy a PC it s less expensive it will be enough, if u do music or design, buy a mac...
  • G
    G wrote:
    I like Apple. However I use PC because I don't want to switch between PC and Apple. Most softwares run well in PC but I am not sure they work in Apple. So it would be kind of troublesome for me to use both PC and Apple...
  • Sasha 莎莎 Wang
    I don't think I could ever switch back to Mac.
    PC ftw.
  • Aurélien
    Aurélien wrote:
    I just don't understand why Apple is so popular.

    It's overpriced and the hardware is shit. Y'all brag about the interface being "cool", but there's tons of apps on windows/Linux to make it similar. If you spend that much money just because of the computer design and interface, well, you have a problem.

    inb4 "BUT YOU CAN'T GET VIRUS ON APPLE", If you're not a fuckhead you wont get any virus on your windows, is it that hard not to click on every weird files strangers mail you? And well u still have Linux, which is kinda virus-free.

    My 600$ 1year old LENOVO laptop still runs every game without any problem/lag. If I bought a 2000$ mac at that time, what would I be to run on it? Tetris? Snake? Please.

    So, yeah Sasha: PC FTW.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Yeah the prices for most Mac stuff is insane... $1200 for a Macbook Pro 13 compared to about $700 for a comparable Dell laptop (Core 2 2.4ghz, 4gb, 250gb hdd, GF320M Video). That's almost 80% more if you only look at the initial purchase price. But.... let's not forget about resale value:

    MacBook Pro depreciation is about 15% per year
    Dell Studio Laptop depreciation is about 25-30% per year

    So in 2 years you can sell your MBP for probably around $850, whereas the Dell would only be worth $400.

    Total cost of ownership for the MBP was $350, for the Dell, about $300.

    For that $50 extra, you get a keyboard that doesn't flex, a screen that isn't washed out, a trackpad that doesn't skip and register unwanted movements, a chassis that doesn't bend when you hold it at an angle, and a power connector that will never break.

    I calculated all this shit before I even considered Mac's. Been using and selling PC computers for over 15 years and always had that "anti-Apple - it's too expensive mentality" but finally made the switch last year to Apple. Turns out the numbers actually aren't that bad, at least for the lower end models.

    The higher end stuff (17" laptops, Mac Pro workstations), now that I cannot justify. So I'm switching back to PC because I need a 17" computer that holds 2 hard drives. And the Dell I'm using now, I'm constantly impressed by the speed and value, but also disappointed by it's build quality compared to my Apple. Still trying to figure out if I can hack OS X onto it though...
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    What Jon said. Macs are very well designed. The Air and the iPad are gimmicky shit, but MacBooks are worth the premium.

    If you just look at the numbers, PCs are a better value. But how do you put a price on the freedom of mind that comes with knowing that you're not going to be out 1000 bucks the next time your clumsy ass trips over the powercord?

    I currently use an ultra-cheap Acer netbook PC and Ubuntu Netbook Remix, because I'm a poorfag I'm a grizzled coffeeshop nomad who is proud of the fact that the only moving part on his rig is the CPU fan. It was never meant to be used as heavily as I've been using it. Catastrophic system failure is imminent. I just hope I have enough money laying around for a real machine when that happens.

    My next computer will be a MacBook or MacBook Pro, upon which I will partition the shit out of and install the trifecta: Win 7, OS X, and the more robust version of Ubuntu Linux. And then I'll cover the case so no one sees the big glowing Apple on the back unless Steve Jobs cuts me a check for promoting his products.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Goddamnit. I just realized that I can't sell my MacBook... I still need it to do iPhone application development. Can't program for iPhones with a Windows computer. Fucking Apple... they used to be all revolutionary and had a stick it to the man attitude, now Apple is "the man."
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    I have similar love/hate sentiments for Sony. I thought it was totally fucking revolutionarily cool of them to include an option on the PlayStation 3 for installing a Linux operating system.

    Then a bunch of geeks started buying them up and using the cell processors to make big kickass supercomputer clusters on the cheap. The problem? They weren't buying them to play games, and like many game consoles, the PlayStation 3 is sold at a loss (believe it or not, Sony makes its profit from game licensing, not selling PS3s).

    So they removed the OS install function on the PS3 Slim, with no plans of reimplementing it.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Not only from the slim, there is a class action lawsuit going around now because they removed the OS installation functionality from PS3's that already had it through a firmware update. People are claiming they paid for the feature and Sony just removed it and owes them compensation. A fair cop really...

    And Adobe is pressing the FTC to look into Apple for anticompetitive practices. Apple has declared that Adobe Flash programs that are ported to iPhone instead of natively developed using the iPhone software development kit will not be allowed which basically cuts out Adobe's Flash Builder from being useful on iPlatforms anymore.

    I hope Adobe wins. Apple banning products just because they were translated to native Apple code instead of written with Apple's tool kit feels anticompetitive as far as I can tell. They are definitely big enough now to play with the big boys and get sued like all of them as well.
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    That's what stopped me from getting an iPad.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Hot damn! Just found out that I can run a hacked OS X as a virtual machine in VMWare inside of Windows.

    This is full of win... it's slow as dirt compared to running it natively like those hackintosh osx86 setups but I don't have to reboot to access it and can do iPhone development in there just fine. Virtual OS X inside of Windows makes a hell of a lot more sense for me than virtual Windows inside of OS X like I used to do. Woot!
  • Deer One
    Deer One wrote:
    Mac just tastes better, and easier to digest!

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