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  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    it occurs to me that a beautiful heart-wrenching love is not as bad as i am used to consider, ..........it still might have wasted our time ,but why not if it is a real one. it is easier for ordinary persons to get time than anything else anyway. ..........................................
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    I'll always love you Amber.
  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:
    and I you, Jon.
  • Hans-arne Sundal aasebø
    As my Bofriend said (( Love is an interesting journey, you never know where it will take you .streets and valley twist and turns, you can get the surprise of your love, some times on the way you're going you might think that this is the worst time of love))

    So I think im going to do my best to keep it going my relationship as well and always believe it will be forever ... But people always have enemy , u should close yr eyes and block yr ear if they are in front of u and try to do your best for to make yr boyfriend love u more than more ... do not ditch each other.
  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    come back to love me then haaaaaaaaaa
    ,u are sure a good lover jon .................but it is not going to work between us, the love i am talking about has nothing to do with sex,
  • Hans-arne Sundal aasebø
    Agree Amber ... Love is not only Sex .. Love is how to get high , hw to increase your level of Life !!!
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Damn, I don't even remember having sex with you. All I remember is that you put some white stuff in my coffee and I thought it was just sugar, but then I woke up two days later alone in a hotel room naked next to a trashcan full of used condoms. I figure that's just a normal day for me anyways so I didn't think much about it and never connected that night back to you.
  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    call 911 all u want cause i have the alibi

    call me if anyone wants a platonic love with me for a while.

  • Suleman Ahmed
    Suleman Ahmed wrote:
  • Hans-arne Sundal aasebø
    I think i'll never find
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... finding love is like finding the car keys or the mobile ... when you dont look for it, it is often right there in front of you, whereas looking too hard, you might not see it ... just open your heart and let other people come closer :)

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