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  • Dreamer303
    Dreamer303 wrote:

    Myspace: Pink Chimneys

    Douban: Pink Chimneys

    Hi, there is one Beijing local band I would like to recommend to everyone. Click their page on myspace or douban, listen the cool songs(sound like 60's pop songs).

    Following is an interview article from Beijing Noise website.

    The Pink Chimneys are a pop band. Somewhere, somehow, that word became a label that denoted mediocrity rather then popularity. The Pink Chimneys don’t seem to be on a mission to reclaim that label, in fact that they are happy to be associated with the Britney Spears’ and Justin Timberlake’s of the world. “A have tons of respect for people who write number one hits,” says Pink Chimneys’ bassist Wu Wei Ti, “A lot of people dislike pop songs for being easy”. The Pink Chimney’s, however, are more akin to a different set of “pop” musicians than the pseudo-R’n'B/Dance/Pop songs that plague the charts these days. There sound is that of Phil Spector-style girl groups, the sound of the 1980s “smart pop” bands like the Go-Betweens, The Clean, The Apartments, or The Bats that came out of New Zealand and Australia, or even the sound of modern twee pop bands such as Belle & Sebastian.

    At the center of the band is songwriter and guitarist Qiu ‘Peter’ Lei. A Guilin native who began writing songs at the age of 17, Peter’s love for The Beatles, Britpop and European indie music led him to begin writing the songs that would inform the creation of the Pink Chimney’s. And handful of recorded demoes (such as the two currently available on the band’s Douban page) convinced him of two things; that writing music was something he would pursue further, and that to do so would require him to relocate to Beijing.

    The Pink Chimneys have a simple manifesto according to Peter. “Make happy songs because the whole life is not (always) happy”. And so they make happy songs. Their warm, psychedelia-tinged sound might come across as overly simplistic when chained to their oh so innocent lyrics, but as Wei Ti puts it, “writing a good pop song is incredibly hard”. And there is no doubt that these are good pop songs.

    Following his arrival in Beijing, Peter became acquainted with Dutch native Wei Ti. The pair have since formed the nucleus of the Pink Chimneys. Wei Ti’s experience playing in garage rock band’s in Holland helped to provide a solid foundation for Peter’s vision, and also contributed the band’s name (Wei Ti’s former band was The Chimney Brothers). The band drifted in and out of different lineups for a while before welcoming Liu Yuan (Vocals), Xu Sai Lin (Keyboards), and Ni Zheng Zhong (Drums) in late 2009.

    When I asked about their relationship with Beijing’s music scene both Peter and Wei Ti had positive comments. Coming from the strong garage rock scene in Holland, Wei Ti believes that Beijing music is “not totally there, but it’s happening”, an opinion echoed by Peter. The band insists that the opportunities for new bands are there though, and that their contemporaries in the scene are very supportive. Since their inception, the Pink Chimneys have played a number of venues in Beijing, and cite La Loupe and Pacalolo as two of their favourite bands to play with. Among the bands they claim as influences are two locals, Hedgehog (“Their music comes from the heart” says Wei Ti) and The Life Journey.

    Their connection with The Life Journey is more than just an influence however, as their keyboardist is currently work as engineer for the Pink Chimneys’ debut album. “You can never ever make money selling CD’s in China” they say, but clearly that isn’t something that worries them. “It’s a learning experience” says Peter, “but you’re never satisfied with your own work”.

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  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:
    oh yeah, i'd like to check them out live sometime.
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    When's your next show, Pink Chimneys?

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