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  • Fredy Moreira
    Fredy Moreira wrote:
    Hello everybody! Is there someone that is interested in joining a championship of Fifa Soccer 2010? My friends and I are organizing a championship.
    Here are the infos:

    *Console: 2 X-box 360s
    *Game: EA Sports' Fifa Soccer 2010
    *Date, time and place: We still haven't decided. Depending on how things go, we will start 2 weeks later. We will hold the tournament at my friend's place, in Wudaokou, on XueYuan road.
    *Length: It depends on how many people we get. We are expecting to get 20 or more, so it will probably lasts more than 1 day. I can't tell for sure.
    *Inscription fee: 30 RMB/person
    *Prize: 75% of the total amount for the winner, 25% for the second place.
    *Teams: Unless you don't pick up an international team (e.g. Brazil, Spain), you are allowed to pick up anything you want. In case that 2 players with the same team face each other, there is no change. In other words, Barcelona vs Barcelona can happen.
    Since you have made your decision, you won't be able to change your team. So if you pick up Barcelona as your first team, you will not be able to play as Real Madrid in the future, for example.

    *Other rules will be specified later.
    Any questions, just ask!

  • Erik Røger
    Erik Røger wrote:
    Ill play let me know the details
  • Fredy Moreira
    Fredy Moreira wrote:
    could u be more specific, please? What else would u like to know?
  • Erik Røger
    Erik Røger wrote:
    All seems good to me, just let me know when!

    Oh yeh is it knockout if you loose are you out?

    Or is it you play against everybody and the person with overall most wins. Is the winner?

    The sooner the better!
  • Fredy Moreira
    Fredy Moreira wrote:
    It's like the champions league. We will play in groups and the first 2 teams in each group will move to the next step, which is knockout.

    First I need to gather the people, then i will let ya know the date and time.
    If you want, u can tell your friends. Just tell me how many people u got. Thanks!
  • Pochi
    Pochi wrote:
    no one wanna play PRO 2010 ?

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