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  • Zibet
    Zibet wrote:
    My cat can't poo. It's been 10 days. The X ray shows his large intestine is full of shit. He's having enema twice a day from yesterday, but stil doesn't poo. My mom tends to not let him have the surgery, which would bring him huge pain. But if he doesn't have the surgery and enema wouldn't work, he will die soon...

    What should I do???
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Yikes... is manual disimpaction an option for cats? Enemas don't necessarily reach the intestines, only the colon as far as I'm aware.

    I'm not exactly someone who should be giving veterinary advice, but maybe a latex glove, some lube and your pinky finger could be the solution. It's how you treat human constipation if it gets bad enough, I don't think that a cat's internal system is that much different.
  • Jon Magnus Ro
    Jon Magnus Ro wrote:
    did you go to the vet to have x rays? the vet (as in animal doctor) should be able to give your cat something, before they suggest surgery...
  • Jon Magnus Ro
    Jon Magnus Ro wrote:
    and there are such things as cat laxatives, im just not sure if they are sold or available to purchase in beijing ;)
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    I really feel quite upset that I missed the opportunity to be the first responder to this thread and reply with one simple word... "Draino"

    But seriously, I hope your cat gets better. Let us know how you solve this problem because I'm actually quite curious. Hopefully no surgery is required.
  • Gökhan Erdogan
    Enema is what the vet has suggested. They only drew out a piece of nail-sized stool by fingers because the stool was too stiff...The vet said surgery would be the final solution, but lots of uncertain factors like anesthetic and nursing would cause cats' death rather than the surgery itself.
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    depending of the causes of the obstruction, can be treat with medicaments in some cases, but the most common is the surgery.
    what is the cause?
  • Gökhan Erdogan
    Not sure about that. Mostly cat hair and eating too much. He is a fat cutie and always has increditable passion for food...
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    10 days is long time, a obstruction in the intestine can produces gangrene, but is the doctor doesn´t know where is the obstruction, then what part will he cut?
    althought your cat doesn´t expel feces, expel gas these days?
  • Gökhan Erdogan
    The doctor hopes to clean out his large intestine by surgery. Cut or not depends on how bad his situation is.

    He vomited a few times at the first beginning, then stopped. Today he vomits again because of the medicine doctor gave to him.

    And he's been trying to poo all these days. He expels gas sometimes when he's trying to poo.
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    when they begin to vomit their own feces and don´t expel nothing, then the only solution is surgery. The surgery is not nice, later increases the risk of have the same problem.
    why not a probe?
    in any case, I hope that in these hours ur cat getting better ;)
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Oh poor Kitty : ( Surgery seems like the only way unless the Enema works. I hope this little guy gets better soon. I wish you guys luck. Have they tried laxatives? This little kitty needs more fiber in his diet poor guy. I hope he is ok.

  • Gökhan Erdogan
    Enema still doesn't work well, but we are still trying. My mom gets stinky every day because of the enema fluid out from the cat's Intestines.

    My cat is strong, and he struggles when having the infusion, hurting himself and the vet. My worries if he did so every time when he had the infusion after the surgery, he is unlikely to survive, not to mention the huge pain caused by the surgery.

    Now I'm imagining the scene that my cat is expeling huge amount of black feces, and praying for him.
  • Gökhan Erdogan
    Hi Rita, thanks for your message.

    My cat was too weak so my mom still decided not to let him have the surgery. The vet used anaesthetic on him and tried to draw out only three small pieces of feces. The vet also sequeezed his large intestine to crush the hard feces.

    My cat was supposed to expel the crushed feces after he woke up, but the truth was, he only expel one small piece with a little blood on it in the last two days. He is now still effected by the anaesthetic and he is even weaker...

    My mom and I are very worried about him, but we could do nonthing but watch him suffering. He's now defintely too weak to have the surgery.
  • Shane
    Shane wrote:
    Kill the cat and get a dog.
  • Gökhan Erdogan
    Shame on you, Shane! I really doubt how well people like you who only offer conditional love can treat their dogs.

    I love my cat very much, and I also love dogs. There are two cats and one dog in my home.
  • Gökhan Erdogan
    Great news everyone!!! My cat just expeled a huge amount of feces!!!

    He totally wakes up from the anaesthetic after 3 days, and the vet's treatment worked.

    I wanna thank you guys for staying with me and being so kind. It's my honor to know you all. God bless you!
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Woo, good news. You should take a picture of the poo and frame it as a reminder :P
  • Gökhan Erdogan
    Good idea! Not post-modern but realistic art piece!
  • Bobo
    Bobo wrote:
    so great! but be careful even if ur cat is getting better. dont give her too many food and maybe it is beter to cook her food by urself and make it to digest easily for ur cat. anyway, i have a cat as well, if u still have some question about ur cat, u can give me message, im glad to help u

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