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  • Alban
    Alban wrote:
    While writing this topic, I am watching live the Charity Gala for the YUSHU Earth Quake.. Images shown on TV could and should move every living Soul..
    We have seen how active different strata of the country have shown their attachment to the nation spirit with significant donation, enterprises, government bodies as well as individuals...Me and You should take a stand... THIS TOPIC SHOULD INTEREST U TOO, so let's start giving, WE ARE THE WORLD
  • wrote:
    Thanks, Alban.

    There will be a national condolences tomorrow.
    Let's bless those victims.
  • Albulena Imeri
    Thanks, Brother Alban.

    My heart and my prayer goes to the people in Yushu.

    For anyone who's interested in donating to the victims. Here's some information.


    Kelsang Norbu
    Tsongkha Charitable Association
    Haidong, Qinghai Province
    Tel: 13519714070 / 0971-6363082

  • Albulena Imeri
  • Alban
    Alban wrote:
    In fact I do not expect a long thread as usual, it's just a reminder that we all can be charitable at a time ..
  • pommie
    pommie wrote:
    Unfortunately, there are no effective methods to donate money to diaster relief in China.

    NGOs are hamstrung so that is out of the question.

    Ninety percent of the money donated to the Wenchuan earthquake (May 2008) fund ended up in the hands of local governments. Millions of yuan were embezzled by corrupt officals. More still went to non-relief projects.

    The Global Times reported yesterday that 300 million yuan of misused relief money has finally been recovered from the 2008 fund.

    Unsurprisingly, the paper reported that some Chinese were reticent to donate to the Yushu relief fund after the last debacle.

    Why give your hard-earned money to the government so corrupt officials can buy themselves dozens of apartments to cash in on speculation that has driven the prices of property out of the reaches of ordinary people, luxury cars that pollute the already poisonous skies and government buildings that look more like five-star hotels than something you'd expect to see in an at least nominally socialist nation?

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    I want to know how to go there and donate my time and my body to the relief effort. I am searching for a way to do this right now.
  • wrote:

    If you are not invited into the disaster area, you can not enter into Yushu, that's the administration rule in order to avoid trouble caused by disorder and chaos. I suggest you to contact some charity organization or medium groups and go with them.

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