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  • Simonhkd
    Simonhkd wrote:
    Strawberry Festival is coming back! it will be Chinese biggest festival in May.

    And these hot bands will join in these 3 days fesitval: Xiu Xiu 、Raido 4 、Does it offend you,yeah?

    Line Up:

    2010 Strawberry Festival

    1st May
    Strawberry Stage
    13:30-14:10 逃跑计划 ( Perdel)
    14:30-15:10 Bigger Bang
    15:30-16:10 The Dancers
    16:30-17:10 曹方 (Cao Fang)
    17:30-18:30 后海大鲨鱼 (Queen Sea Big Shark)
    19:00-20:00 Does it offend you, yeah? (UK)
    20:30-21:30 唐朝 (Tang Dynasty)

    Love Stage
    13:00-13:40 Golden Driver
    14:00-14:40 The Inspector Cluzo (FR)
    15:00-15:40 AK47
    16:00-16:40 AV大久保 (Av Okubo)
    17:00-17:40 小河 ( Xiao He)
    18:00-19:00 Carsick Cars
    19:30-20:30 子曰秋野 (Ziyue)

    Heavy Metal Stage
    13:40-14:20 锯 (Saw)
    14:40-15:20 上下 (Up&Down)
    15:40-16:20 齿轮橡皮 (Gear&Rubber)
    16:40-17:20 液氧罐头
    17:40-18:20 陈磊与乐队 (Chen Lei with Band)
    18:40-19:20 肆伍 (45)
    19:40-20:40 痛仰 (Miserable Faith)

    DOUBAN Stage
    13:30-14:00 王胜男 (Wang Sheng Nan)
    14:20-14:50 范世琪 (Fan Shi Qi)
    15:10-15:40 Lazy Camels
    16:00-16:30 何力 (He Li)
    16:50-17:20 洪启 (Hong Qi)
    17:40-18:10 指人儿 (Finger Family)
    18:30-19:00 丁可( Ding Ke)

    Electro Stage
    14:00-15:00 Pump Su
    15:00-16:00 Xiao Yu
    16:00-17:00 Lupen
    17:00-18:00 Pancake Lee
    18:00-19:00 R3
    19:00-20:00 Terry Tu
    20:00-21:30 Patrick Yu

    School Stage
    13:20-13:40 Slack
    14:00-14:20 Morning Sir
    14:40-15:00 邂逅
    15:20-15:40 捉迷藏
    16:00-16:20 红银
    16:40-17:00 The Quarter
    17:20-17:40 Joker
    18:00-18:20 Yes no break
    18:40-19:00 地藏冥王

    2nd May

    Strawberry Stage
    13:30-14:10 Reptile and Retard (DEN)
    14:30-15:10 Zeng Yi ke
    15:30-16:10 Life Journey
    16:30-17:10 Catcher in the Rye
    17:30-18:30 Pet Conspiracy
    18:50-19:50 Re-TROS
    20:10-21:30 ZuoXiaoZuZhou

    Love Stage
    13:00-13:40 Boys Climbing Ropes (DEN)
    14:00-14:40 Hao Feier
    15:00-15:40 Suffocate
    16:00-16:40 Long Shen Dao
    17:00-17:40 Zhou Yun Peng
    18:00-19:00 Heaven With Shuangzi
    19:30-20:30 Supermarket ]

    Heavy Metal
    13:40-14:20 拯救茉莉 (Saving Molly)
    14:40-15:20 逻辑失控 (Lose Control Of Logic)
    15:40-16:20 制度瓦解 (Institutional Crush)
    16:40-17:20 玉麟军 (A.J.K)
    17:40-18:20 歇斯与乐队 (Xiesi with band)
    18:40-19:20 混血 (Hybrid)
    19:40-20:40 夜叉 (Yaksa)

    DOUBAN Stage
    13:30-14:00 小猛 (Lil’ Meng)
    14:20-14:50 新香水 (New Perfume)
    15:10-15:40 杨千墀 (Qianchi)
    16:00-16:30 钟童茜 (ZhongtongQian)
    16:50-17:20 Fancy world
    17:40-18:10 马条 (Ma Tiao)
    18:30-19:00 梁晓雪 (Liang Xiao Xue)

    Electro Stage
    14:00-15:00 Kaize
    15:00-16:00 QQ
    16:00-17:00 Saul
    17:00-18:00 Shen Yue
    18:00-19:00 X.L.F.
    19:00-20:00 DAVE K
    20:00-21:30 Weng Weng

    School Stage
    13:20-13:40 瓶装火箭
    14:00-14:20 The Thruth
    14:40-15:00 Rusty Crown
    15:20-15:40 Casstte
    16:00-16:20 刺秦
    16:40-17:00 Summer Sunshine
    17:20-17:40 Neverland(北京邮电大学)
    18:00-18:20 The Bedstars
    18:40-19:00 南.夷

    3rd May

    Strawberry Stage
    13:30-14:10 糖果怪兽 (Candy Monster)
    14:30-15:10 Liquid Architecture (FR)
    15:30-16:10 Xiu Xiu (US)
    16:30-17:10 彭坦 (Peng Tan)
    17:30-18:30 木玛&Third Party (Muma&Third Party)
    18:50-19:50 新裤子 (New Pants)
    20:10-21:30 Radio 4 (US)

    Love Stage
    13:00-13:40 Monokino (NED)
    14:00-14:40 钟立风&博尔赫斯 (Zhonglifeng)
    15:00-15:40 怪力 (GUAILI)
    16:00-16:40 王悦 (GIA)
    17:00-17:40 反光镜 (Reflector)
    18:00-19:00 刺猬 (Hedgehog)
    19:30-20:30 谢天笑 (Xie Tian Xiao)

    Heavy Metal
    13:40-14:20 魔罗刹 (MOLUOSHA)
    14:40-15:20 堕天 (The Falling)
    15:40-16:20 癫狂收音机 (Raving Radio)
    16:40-17:20 血腥高潮 (Hyonblud)
    17:40-18:20 骅梓与乐队 (HUAZI)
    18:40-19:20 冥界 (Narakam)
    19:40-20:40 扭曲机器(Twisted Machine)

    DOUBAN Stage
    13:30-14:00 雷子 (LEIZI)
    14:20-14:50 丝绵 (SIlkFLOSS)
    15:10-15:40 李漠 (LIMO)
    16:00-16:30 茶凉粉 (Tea)
    16:50-17:20 PB33
    17:40-18:10 今日立秋
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    Very good lineup! Better than Midi, actually. However, if you want to go to any after parties, getting there will be a pain in the ass from Tongzhou. I'm sticking with Midi due to its proximity to D-22 and my home. However, anyone in the Tongzhou area should definitely be checking this one out.

    Such a shame I can't do both.
  • Hanna Eriksen
    Hanna Eriksen wrote:
    i will go this time...who's in?
  • Zoé
    Zoé wrote:
  • Sasha 莎莎 Wang
    Oh my god I'm there!
  • Simen Wangberg
    Woooooooord this will be hella dope. Okay, I guess my geography blows - where exactly is Tongzhou?
  • / / / \ \ \
    / / / \ \ \ wrote:
    i heard new pants dropped out - true/false?
  • BeijingDaze
    BeijingDaze wrote:
    Yup, New Pants won't be there! They didn't really drop out apparently... their label put them on without asking them first and they got pissed off. Word is that they also split form their label now.
  • anita sønsterud
    who told you so??Daze??
  • Sumian
    Sumian wrote:
    I really expect it, but I cant join it.......T^T
  • SaSa♣Yi
    SaSa♣Yi wrote:
    曾轶可!!!no kidding?! i'm in!
  • Daniel Westerberg
    I think I will go.. it's close to my home.
  • BeijingDaze
    BeijingDaze wrote:
    see this article on China Music Radar: http://www.chinamusicradar.com/?p=1332
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Oh hell yes!!!!! I am there!!
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
    once again, i have two ticket for strawberry, but probably will not go...who wanna go...can use my tickets.
  • Gunhild Stamnæs
    Had to stand in line for more than an hour before we got in today. And then the beer was already sold out at the first two beer stands we went to, so went on to the absolute vodka stand were you first had to stand in one line to pay and get a plastic cup, and then go to another line and wait for ages before would actually give fill up your drink... Basically I've just been doing a lot of queuing today. Arg... Strawberry was better last year.
  • Sasha 莎莎 Wang
    best concert of my life - does it offend you, yeah?
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    Word on the street is Strawberry is a complete disaster. It was dripping with corperate sponsorship, they ran out of drinks (not just booze mind you, but even water) before the sun went down and the stages were so close together you couldn't hear anything clearly.

    Oh...and the bands had to PAY for water in the VIP tent because all the VIP slots went to sponsors and their buddies.

    Not cool.

    I should point out that I have not actually been to Strawberry myself, because I have been and will continue to enjoy myself at Midi. Strawberry doesn't sound like it's worth my time.
  • Gunhild Stamnæs

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