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  • Jon Gu - 顾晓帆
    Jon Gu - 顾晓帆 wrote:
    What is your perfect setup? This is my current setup and I've always been very pleased with this selection of equipment (Desktop + 2 LCD's + slim laptop)

    -Custom Desktop (Core i7-920 / 6GB / 2x RAID0 80gb Intel SSD / 2x 1.5TB HDD / GTX260 Video Card)
    -Dual 24" LCD Monitors (1920x1200... what's up with 1080p? I hate losing 120px of vertical space)
    -13" Lightweight Laptop with excellent battery life (MacBook Pro 13 currently)

    Unfortunately, I'm going to be moving around a lot the next few years. From Chicago to St. Louis to Beijing, and then god knows where after that. Realistically... it doesn't make sense to own a desktop anymore, so now I'm stuck trying to figure out what the perfect "slightly portable" setup would be, and it's driving me crazy.

    I'm thinking Intel Core i7 CPU, 6-8GB, 17" 1080p LCD, decent video card, 100gb+ SSD, 750gb storage hdd would work nicely as far as specs go. Add a 24" 1080p LCD screen and I can get dual screens with matched resolution, not as nice as dual IDENTICAL screens, but it would suffice I think.

    Add in a NAS for storage and plug in my desktop drives (I've got about 2TB of ISO images, TV shows, movies, and "movies"). Faster than USB and less cables going into the computer.

    But I'd still need a portable computer. Keeping my MacBook 13 seems redundant when I have a full power laptop at home, but netbooks suck really hard too... Maybe this is where an iPad fits in the picture? Yet the iPad cannot stream video from the NAS and that really limits its usefulness to me...

    Opinions? What kind of setups do you geekier guys amongst us use?
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Or should I just keep my current laptop and build a desktop when I get back to China? Price is a factor as well, although not a huge one. I'm pretty picky about computer equipment.

    Setup 1:
    Gaming laptop: $1500
    NAS: $100ish
    Netbook/iPad: $500
    = $2100

    Setup 2:
    Decent Desktop: $700
    MacBook Pro 13: $1100
    24" LCD: $200

    Stuff I have to buy regardless:
    Solid State Drive: $300
    3TB of Storage: $300
    24" LCD: $200

    Hmm... about $3000 regardless of which set up. Or I could go with Desktop + Netbook/iPad and give up owning a real laptop altogether and save a few hundred, but this seems like too much of a compromise: at least with setup 1, I still have the option to bring a real computer with me wherever I go.

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