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  • №❶ Passioη
    №❶ Passioη wrote:
    I'm trying to upload my sexy pics but I cannot find the "browse" button...

    What ports are blocked? is it my connection problem or applies to everyone?
  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:
    if you are talkinga about WLIBJ, here is the place to post your questions: http://weliveinbeijing.com/discussion/category.rails?Cid=1211

    otherwise, you know what "Nonsense" means, rigth?

    If you didnt mean WLIBJ, maybe ppl might help you if you tell where you tried to upload pics.
  • №❶ Passioη
    Oh Yes Captain, that's noted :) ... I just realised it's not possible to change the category after posting the thread... hehe that's another thing that '有一点儿 Sucks'

    I was trying to upload to my profile album... The problem was my connection. it works now but I cannot delete this topic - oops, that's yet another thing that '有一点儿 Sucks'

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