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  • James Maryland
    James Maryland wrote:
    I mean its not like Im going to sleep with your best friend the minute you turn around :)
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    becoz that it really hard to love a gangster anyway!
    btw your explain still a little bit confusing.
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    Because guys can not trust women either.
  • Tor anders Antonsen
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    So James, how long would you wait before sleeping with her best friend? :-)
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    If you do not give her reasons to distrust you then she probably won't. Women are masters of intuition. Are you innocent?
  • Andre Lund
    Andre Lund wrote:
    +1 kodi. it's not hard to tell when a man is being sneaky and wants to hide something
  • Tor anders Antonsen
    lol thats the thing I wouldn't sleep with the best friend if I didn't have a reason. I am innocent as can be. Ive been the nice guy, I Ive been the player but its always the same thing with these females. Females are just unstable creatures lol. They don't know what they want. Is it wrong to reactivate my player card?
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    There are times when the perfect reaction to instability is reassurance followed by concern...... Do not be so easy to reactivate the player card just yet. Build her up and make her feel comfortable is she is insecure. She will love you for it if she is worth the effort.
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    Yeah I think Kodi totally got it right. Everyone knows their partner. If he think she's interested in someone else, she probably is. If she thinks he'd bang her best friend the minute she walked out the door after a fight, I bet he would.

    James, if you really think she's judging you unfairly, ask yourself if there's a possibility you're still creating options for yourself that you might exercise when this relationship ends (or maybe even as a way to end the relationship).
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Trust ... is earned over time, but lost in an instant ... so it is not "hard", but it needs work ...
  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    it makes sense.
  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    and seince the "women" word is used here, so i guess it means a female who got experiences know exactly if a guy could be trust or not. ha
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    LIONS can be trusted Amber.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... cool dude, I am sorry, but I met a LION that cannot be trusted ...

    Amber ... it works both ways ... certain rare species of men (those with brains and hearts) also have trouble trusting women once they had been "broken" ...
  • Marte Joahansen
    I don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die.

    the issue of trust between a man and a woman should not

    be over emphasized on. For a man and a woman, mutual

    agreement sounds like a replacement for trust.

    But for a couple, the bitter truth just has to be accepted...

    a repetition of eves acts in the garden of eden.

  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    Do not talk about EVE's acts here. I was almost thrown out and i lost a good good friend because of referring to such things! Oppps
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    @Clev: Does your name stand for Clever? Haha! not with comments like that one! Assumptions made about women based on what took place in a creation MYTH? Please tell me you were kidding or at least drunk off of your ass.

    Obviously your comment reflects your view of women as never being able to trusted because of some inherently wicked characteristics bestowed upon her by some type of God. Correct? Ask yourself who created that Myth about the creation of men and women? What did those people have to gain by creating such a MYTH? hmmmmm think brother think. You are more intelligent than this Clev.......
  • Marte Joahansen
    lol...sounds like u're making sense @ Kodi...

    but on the other hand,it's normal reflecting ur'

    unrealness towards real situations. U would

    have opted for the truth on the other hand..or,

    do u think she trusts the next guy?...@ Kodi...

    shower her wiv. trust, she rains u wiv bitterness

    and regrets....lustful ones of course...whoever

    said FLIRTING was an act made a mistake..i

    thought that same character would have taken it for


    I WANT A LADY TO TRUST ME...?...@ KODI....

    DOUBT ME>>>>?

    GET UR" C.N.S deliriously effected to the point ur' alcohol

    dehydrogenase becomes of no relevance nd then talk about

    trust issues when 6 0'clock am is the wake time.
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    @Clev: I somehow understand what you said and I cannot explain why I understand it.
  • Marte Joahansen
    haha@ kodi..

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