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  • RSY
    RSY wrote:
    for some reason u guys broke up, if he/she begs u to back together, would u say 'yes'?
  • Sally
    Sally wrote:
    well, it depends, if he did something terribly wrong such as sleep with other girl, i wouldnt forgive him, and wont even talk to him at all!!
  • Jon Marius Røren
    lol, u are right, they are unforgivable!!!

    and what if u still have feeling for him, even he did harm u before?
  • R-R
    R-R wrote:
    If like that?No way i guess.It will make him feel u could alway be there for him at anytime i guess.He wouldnt treat it serious .Take a holiday,do some other things just forget him!
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Get back for sex? Sure, why not? You've already spent that long building up physical attraction and a good rhythm, why waste it when you break up?

    But get back into the relationship.... well, that would depend a lot on why we broke up. I've done it before and ALWAYS regretted it.
  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    get back together? technically no, because i wonnt break up till i am 100%sure the "regret it" thing will never happen to me. but if he wants it, i will consider it a personal favor and then ask something in exchange.............ha the nature of a whore
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Shut up Saibo, stop telling the world about my affair with Amber and how I broke her heart!
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... ditto ... once out, stays out ...
  • Børge Notkevich
    well I used to say remember he's ur ex for a reason, but now I have to say, really depends on the reason!
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    Nope. Absolutely not.
  • Pernille Nordlie
    Never say never...an ex from a few years back or because of circumstances..or she's suddenly lost all the weight she put on and she's attractive again.. you know that kinda thing ;^)
  • Mikael Lønø
    Mikael Lønø wrote:
    of course not.something was gone include love.and feel something not like before.if get back,maybe not have long time.also will break up.so gone is gone.
  • Shukri Olad
    Shukri Olad wrote:

    Oliver,U mean fall in love with her again,its not exactly equal to get back.
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    When feelings and reasons go to the ring for fight between them, always the reason gives up and say that the feelings don´t respect the rules, the logic. But really the feelings have rules, but no the same that the reason. Only a feeling can defeat other feeling, or a reason converted in a affect.
    feel something for your ex? if you have memory is normal, nothing special, but for a correct evaluation, put together the good memories and the bad in a balance. What is the winner part?
    sometimes in this mechanic of affects, the two sides of the balance are in equilibrium, what do then?
    talk with friends (good friends) and look for advice, and later wear this pretty advice with clothes of affects (images of the new live, new style, new ego, bla bla ...), and put in the balance again for change the equilibrium.
    Or use a bridge boy, light dating with a good man (boring but secure) for remove old feelings with new, and when you will be ok, say good bye, use and throw.
  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:
    There is no definite answer to if you should get back with you ex or not. It depend on the reasons (Is that because of big thing like cheating, abusing or small thing like quarreling, misunderstanding) , and also depends on to what extent you could forgive him/her.

    People do change. If you two still have feelings to each other and are both willing to work on this relationship, so why not give you and him/her a chance? You may worry about getting hurt again, wasting your time and emotion, regretting your present decision in the future. But those kinds of worry you will encounter in any relationship, no matter with your ex or with your next. So just ask yourself, can you forgive him/her and do you still want to stay together again? If yes, go ahead.

    Anyway, love is gamble; try to enjoy the game itself.
  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    one thing i ve learned.. for relationships that were given second chances they tend to be more stronger than the initial one...for some reason both parties would choose to respect others and respect the fact that their relationship has been reconsidered and forgiveness plays a major role to contribute to this...but if everyone stands on their feet trying to think on their behalves and without considering the other persons feelings it wont work out if they get back together...unless this will just be a forced intimate relationship...people will just be having sex without really having the feelings for it....ive read someone who said she rather choose to care for him and be there for him if he still have strong feelings toward her...and this can be right as well...since it might be one step toward forgiving each other.....but i believe reconsidering a relationship is a sign that some one really feel guilty or someone truly care about being together with their partner and sees no reason they must be apart...despite the mistakes which always happen in all relationships.....there are more worse things that happen in this world away from relationships....but they can be forgiven too....ofcourse not forgoten
  • Sally
    Sally wrote:
    @Zhao Hong, i feel the same!!
  • Jon Marius Røren
    seems most of answers are 'no'. i think 'break up' always have some reason which are not acceptable for one party...or for both...
    so now, im just confused that should give each other one more chance, clearly we still have feeling for each other. meanwhile, i agree with Adolfo, it also good to move on and get over of it...
  • Sally
    Sally wrote:
    @Zhao hong, lol, dont be nerves, im not ur boss any way ;)

    @Robin, i totally understand what u are confusing, i also been there. even i dont know what u 2 have been through, all i can say is ask yourself, exam the working of ur heart to see if it's worthy to give another shot? or, he just miss the sex u 2 had. but no matter what, happy is the rule!! and u are young, im sure there are plenty of good men out there :p
  • Shukri Olad
    Shukri Olad wrote:
    Robin,why did u guys break up?I mean is the problem still there?would it still trouble u guys?if not what made it change?
    the important thing to get back with ex is to make it clear to urself,r u and ur ex r capable to work it out THIS TIME if u were not able to make it last time?
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    Depends on why you guys broke up, and why he/she comes back to you right now.
  • Jon Marius Røren
    @ Jojo& Dafang, cuz i've got this incredible cute boyfriend, so sometime im not faithful enough for our relationships...i felt so weary time to time when other hot girls check him out....

    @Sally, thank u! i think time will tell. what did u do with u ex?? if it's okay to tell me?
  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    dafan u did not answer anything ..... give a specific scenario
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    I don't mean to answer the question, actually I asked the poster the same question you asked me: "give a specific scenario" ;)
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Nope : ) however I can be their friend.
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    If the reason for breakup is because someone moved to another city, I think it's ok to get back together because both people have moved back to the same city. Or if the reason for breakup is he/she had a crazy parents, but now his/her parents are both dead, I think it's ok too.

    I guess there are probably some other reasons, but I can't think of them. Somehow I feel like most people will get back together for sex from time to time, but not for a relationship. Not a good idea at least, IMO.
  • 巴尔克
    巴尔克 wrote:
    if ur ex get bak to u ..means missing sex..
  • Shukri Olad
    Shukri Olad wrote:

    ask urself r u okay now with other hot chicks around him?
    good luck!
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Robin, it sounds like you and he could have a good "open relationship." You said you are not faithful and he always has other girls around him. So... deal with it. It's perfect, you two can date each other while also seeing other people.
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    I only go into a relationship if I'm confident it's gonna last, and almost have this "this is the one" feeling. However, if I get proven wrong once with a reason strong enough to break up in the first place (lying, breaking trust, being psycho, cheating etc), taking the girl back would only be an option if the breakup is based on circumstances that makes being together impossible, and the circumstances are changed to possible (e.g. distance).
  • Christin Lund
    Christin Lund wrote:
    once,but because i feel so sad when he beg to me. we still break up after a few months though, so i think it is not a good idea
  • Jon Marius Røren
    @ Jojo, thank u. i think maybe it's time to move on.....cuz he didnt change, the issues between us still there....

    @sally, thanks for the warming message
  • Jon Marius Røren
    also thanks all posts, really help me figure out about it!
  • Sally
    Sally wrote:
    you are welcome, Robin :p
  • Serena
    Serena wrote:
    For me never
    I think ex wanna back together just wanna have sex
    If he/she said first break up
    dont trust he /she
    I cant back together with my ex even friend!~
  • Sally
    Sally wrote:
    i wanna say sex is only part of relationships....have u all ever consider that maybe cuz of the affection those ppl wanna be back together? or the break up was caused by some misunderstanding?? or, just a temporary anger??

    so i think in Robin's case, it depends on if she could be trust her ex in future, or if she could more confident to herself?

    meanwhile, it would be a mess if u didnt think it throw and get back to ur ex. just be wise, girl!! dont get hurt!!

    ps, gosh, im just so into this kind of topic, lol
  • Lady M
    Lady M wrote:
    I promise not to make the same mistake twice..
    well, at least not more than three times! :P
  • Jon Marius Røren
    Sally, seems we are one kind!!! good luck to u too!!!
  • SaSa♣Yi
    SaSa♣Yi wrote:
    shame on u if u hurt me once,
    shame on me if u hurt me twice.

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