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    English Name - Ego-Fall

    Genres - New Wave, Thrash Metal

    DEMO - http://www.douban.com/artist/egofall/
    BLOG - http://blog.sina.com.cn/egofall

    Vocal - 于超 Yu Chao
    Guitar - 荪博日 Sun Bo Ri / 王杨 Wang Yang
    Bass - 潮洛蒙 Chao Luo Meng
    Drum - 刘世伟 Liu Shi Wei
    Sample - 阿黑查 A Hei Zha

    Years active - 2004~Present


    The calling of the wildness will never change in their blood, they all come from Inner Mongolia. Like the faithful cavalry sweep down from grassland, their music can bring you to the vast plain under the unlimited sky of their hometown.

    It's really hard to spread some Chinese traditional folk culture to the youth nowadays, the impact from the west limited their creativity. The Ego-Fall is quite a good example of how to balance the west and the east, the modern times and the tradition. You cannot judge their music only from the way of playing, everything are melted in one. Their unique performing integrate the horse head string, hoomi (a kind of Mongolia throat singing, different from tibetan tantra's), and electrosonic instrument.

    The Ego-Fall, lead their music with the spirit of the wolf, overturn the boundary between the west and the east.

    by GuDong


    Live News

    2010.04.09 @ Beijing 13CLUB



    Discography - Spirit of Mongolia (2008-11-23)

    Pls check the group news for the CD retailers info.



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