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    woo, genetically-modified chicken.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Not long before we start to grow meat in a laboratory on a large scale. This way you don't even need live animals anymore.

    It makes me wonder... if you are a vegetarian because you are against the cruel treatment of animals, would you eat lab grown meat? I mean theoretically, it doesn't require raising and slaughtering an animal, it's just a produced food, so there are no cruelty issues (other than the amount of experimentation that was already done to get to this point).
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Jon, if you enjoy grappling with those types of ethical questions, you should read Johnathon Safran Foer's Eating Animals.
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    I knew scientists in the Netherlands have already invented artificial meat.
    So, your question is a pertinent one.

    But when I looked at those nude chicken, I feel a little nervous.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Thanks Pete, I'll check it out sometime. Looks like an interesting book about this subject without all the holier-than-thou PETA attitude.
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Yeah, he does an admirable job of explaining the perils of the factory farm system (which are vast and shouldn't be ignored) in an accessible, albeit gimmicky, way that doesn't alienate us carnivores.

    Everyone should read this book, if only to learn about the devastating effects our food production system has both on the environment (species extinction) and on our personal health (E. coli risks, misleading sanitary info on packaging, etc.).
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Personally, I have mixed views on the subject of artificial meat and I guess it applies to genetically engineered animals too.

    For example... let's think about beef. Beef has many cuts, some tender, some rough and only suitable to be ground up into hamburger or boiled in soups for many hours. If they can grow the perfect ribeye steak in a lab at a very cheap price, then expensive steak meat would be affordable for everyone and the quality of the food would go up. But on the other hand, that becomes your new baseline and it's not special anymore. It's like if every woman on the planet became as beautiful as a model, there would be no ugly girls to compare them to anymore and their beauty loses a lot of its value.

    On a more serious note, I have few problems with whatever science is applied to food. I think in the long run it will make quality of life for humans better, despite the harsh treatment of the animals. Sorry, but I love meat. Maybe someday they will engineer animals that don't have brains, just enough of a brain stem to keep their body alive and growing... that would be interesting, farmers already argue that animals aren't smart enough to feel the pain and torment of the farming industry and if they have no brains anymore, they aren't much different from vegetables right? And I don't see anyone lobbying for the ethical treatment of vegetables.
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    haha,. do you have PDF document?
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Personally -- and I know it sounds cruel -- but I don't give a shit about the suffering of individual animals, but I do care if, say, if hundreds of species fall under the specter of extinction from being caught up in huge fishing operations just so John Q. Public can eat his tuna fish sandwich every day.

    Things like that are important to me, as is the concept of being misled by the deceptive language regarding cleanliness and nutrients listed on my food packaging and the perils that affect entire animal populations -- particularly chickens and turkeys -- once you start fucking with their genetics.

    Read the book. My roommate has a copy: I'll see if she'll be willing to loan it out: maybe she'll do so in exchange for lunch at Let's Burger.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    mmm.... Let's Burger... too bad I'm in Chicago right now. Damn, I miss those 串儿.
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    I listened to the author's motivation.
    He has some kind of empathy with Buddhism.
    Some Buddhists in China like to do some activities such as "放生".

    I also found the audio and pdf version of this book, if anyone is interested, you can find by yourself, hehe
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Let's create new species! I would love to have a baby harp seal that never grows big, never sheds its fur and is hand sized. Also needs to be able to be potty trained to use the toilet and flush by itself.
  • Alban
    Alban wrote:
    The DAY mankind starts walking away from food yielded by nature , is the day we sign up for the ultimate extinction of our species. If we let technology feed us , we will produce Robot sons and grandsons..
    It's no longer question whether Food intervenes in the metabolism in one way or another, and eventually affects the mental and physics of consumers...
    When DNA, Cell identification technology was invented, everybody applauded in a sense that it worked at bringing a breakthrough understanding of species and developed medical remedies .
    But once we venture and devote our intelligence in changing every nature into Artifact, there is the moment when monsters will take a stand for humans ... Movies been featuring a lot of these possible metamorphosis but I think in the long run we will hit hard this Reality; Change our human nature and become monsters..
    Animal should remain animal, naturally
    humans are stubborn and have already gone de-naturalized (plastic surgery, sex alteration etc...)
    Please Keep animals away far away from this Human Madness....We don't own the Universe even if We learning to control it , Animals, Trees and the rest of the nature are part of It and they are innocent.. SAVE THE WORLD & MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE ..

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