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  • Freepeter
    Freepeter wrote:
    I know some of you are very polite;some of you don't like to say the shortcomings of other people;some of you are very friendly;some of you are very good person;some of you can be our Chinese boys' best friends.
    Now,say something about our Chinese boys' shortcoming.So we can change and make ourselves better.

    At last,I'll say I am not to quarre.....So please don't criticize others,surely including me...everybody,foreigners and Chinese.
    Because I don't want to make junk here....
  • Synne Syverstad
  • Man TianFei
    Man TianFei wrote:
  • wrote:
  • Albulena Imeri
    Sparkyhad it right in her last sentence. Be comfortable with thyselves.

    But guess I am too macho that I am not used to an adult male over 18 call himself a boy.
  • 闫捷
    闫捷 wrote:
    the worst shortcoming I can think of is that they don't have as many shortcomings as foreign boys...

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