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  • Tiara Lam
    Tiara Lam wrote:

    The Global Times invites people from overseas who are now living in Beijing to take part in the test drive of domestic vehicles provided by Great Wall Motor.


    You can sit behind the wheel of the Hover SUV. As a participant, you will receive free T-shirts, hats and presents. The event will be covered on our website, globaltimes.cn.


    The event will be on Thursday, April 15 and you must be a foreigner who has at least two years' driving experience. We will take our qualified drivers to the test drive area and offer a free lunch.


    The event is free of charge, but we'd like you to register on our Global Times blog and write about your test drive experience and about the vehicles you drive.


    In addition you will have to sign a contract with the carmaker to ensure safe driving during the test drive.


    After the event, our GT web-users will vote online for their favorite test drivers. The driver who gets the most votes will get a prize.

  • Tate T
    Tate T wrote:
    Good offer I will say. Where do we get to sign up?

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