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  • David Mcbride 象人
    David Mcbride 象人 wrote:
    我有一个朋友,他是中国人,他想做一个艺术网站来给别人看作品。我以前在美国做过动态网站设计。我经常用的是mambo和joomla。但是我不知道中国人最喜欢的动态网站设计软件是什么。我想能够找到一个好的网站空间,可靠的,最少包括mambo/joomla和gallery。如果有更好的请告诉我。I have a chinese friend who wants to set up an art website to show works online. i was doing dynamic webdesign in america using joomla/mambo. I dont know if there are better options here or what is most popular with webdesigners. If i could find a provider with mambo/joomla and gallery installers its good enough but if there are better options please let me know.
  • Andam Aso Aziz
    If you have stories and advice you can reply to the forum, if you just want to tell me a good company to use, you can reply to me direclty if you like
    We use icdsoft.com in Hong Kong. Good support, good price and Europe, US and HK to choose from.
  • Andam Aso Aziz
    thanks ryan. i'll check them out.

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