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  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
    April Fool's Day is not Fool's Day any more since 7 years ago for me. It is the day Leslie Cheung passed away.

    Today in last year, I went to cinema for the renewed version of Wong's movie, Ashes of Time.
    When the familiar music started, I started to cry and continued crying till I took a taxi home. I did not know why, or I did know why. I had plenty of reasons crying for this movie I watched for more than XX times in 10 years.
    Like this one... “我发现我来到这里这么久,却始终没有看清这片沙漠……以前望着山,就想知道山后面是什么,但我现在已经不想知道了。”

    Though so, my deepest memory about him is in another Wong's movie, Happy Together. when Leslie said once again, "不如我地由头来过啊?"

    How about yours?
    What's your favorite Leslie's movie?or, which sentences are still in your memory?
  • Miriam Pedersen
    I pretty much like all Wong Kar Wai movies starring Leslie Cheung...

    On a second thought...

    I pretty much like all Wong Kar Wai movies :)

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