• Jimi
    Jimi wrote:
    Maybe you know of the beijing mobsters. well i can't hang with those guys. too serious
    but I love long distance riding.

    anyone interested in starting a WLIB bike club?
    can ride in and out of the city.

    prefer to head out into changping or northwest corner of haidian or even huairou/yanqing.

    its a lot of fun and very good exercise. requires a decent bike
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Road racing motorcycles is great exercise... dirt bikes/motocross is even better. I think we're talking about actual bicycles here though. It sounds like fun actually, much more fun than cycling on a stationary bike in the gym.
  • Simon Frederic
    sounds fun- hairou is 40m away- going to shanba or nali seems like a nice and accessible trip
  • Larry Wang
    Larry Wang wrote:
    I know BJ have peloton road bike club, looks good!
  • Larry Wang
    Larry Wang wrote:
    Ok, try that club one time long bike trip, fun , i like that way anyway =)
  • Larry Wang
    Larry Wang wrote:
    Cool, i work 4 Trek, good choice?

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