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  • patrick or 潘云迪
    patrick or 潘云迪 wrote:
    Hey there everyone,

    My name is Patrick Reddy, I'm 25 and from Ireland and I would like to start up morning classes in Beijing, in some park anywhere. The goal is to promote awareness in both Tai Ji 太极拳 and shaolin 少林 and fitness in general.

    The over all layout of the classes will be pretty basic and of course advanced for those who wish to learn more and have the determination to go that extra bit. I can also help to teach you how to control your willpower and allow you to train at the level you always dreamed you would. And once you get there, you will see the reasults in everything you do.

    Ok a bit about me, and my training.

    I came to China in 2007 and went to a school in Shan Dong Srovince 山东省 near yantai 烟台. This was my first martial art school and I there were many things to learn, ranging from tang lang quan "praying mantis“ 螳螂拳, wing chun 咏春拳, qi gong 气功and of course shaolin 少林. I stayed in this school under the guidance of my master "bao shifu" 鲍师父, after a while I left this Academy to follow him when he left for Jiang Su Province 江苏省, currently I am training in a school that is and the northern most part of Jiang Su, the school in which im staying is in itself quite small with only 3 students, and 2 masters and has quite a family atmosphere going and the training is hard, I will be leaving in or around August to go to sweden and to Ireland and eventually back to china and then think about plans for Beijing...

    So if you are intersted and maybe have some suggestions on parks or places for september or want to have a look at the site and ask some questions feel free to send some messages here.

    hope to hear from you guys soon

  • wrote:
    You are 洋和尚!

    Maybe, Chinese Kongfu can be carried forward by you.
    How do you think about boxing VS. Kongfu, I like boxing.
  • patrick or 潘云迪
    i do hope i can carry it forward and also meet some good people while doing it, and hmmm boxing vs gong fu, hard to say, but in reality its not the art that counts its the practitioner, but just my thought on it.
  • Patrick Coleman
    kong fu has the upperhand i guess because in boxing kicking is not alowed, punching below the belt as well, kung fu is anything goes.
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    Sounds, will definitely join in. Can you post the link to the site?
  • patrick or 潘云迪
    boxing was reffered to as a gentlemans sport, though i see nothing gentle about it in a proper fight take gypsy bare knuckle fighting, some of those guys are tough as nails, but yes in skill maybe lacking a bit but still wouldnt want to fight them,

    Vincent.. www.shaolin-kungfu.com is the link but also i have a group going in this site and well depends what your interested in. if you want to come to the school or something drop me a message and can talk more.

    see you guys later

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    I would like to learn about this.

    Some of my friends call me a panda because I am a little thicker in the middle than most. I guess if I learn kungfu I can be a kungfu panda.

    What kind of stretches can I do to prepare my body for learning Kungfu? I feel this may be an important thing for me to work on before I begin training, so it will be safer for me to train and less strain on my body.
  • patrick or 潘云迪
    warm up preperations are very important they can be as much as running or exercise specific warm ups, just doing the intended types of exercise at a lower pace to get you warmed up, we have alot of different types of classes and there fore all of our warm ups tend to vary in intensity and length, power training is a very quick type warm up but power stretching is very intensive and long to get us properly warmed up, but sometimes warm ups can only prepare us so much but at least enough to keep us in the safe zone.

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