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  • Winnie
    Winnie wrote:
    i read this news on my phone today that over hundreds of girls to be working for Shanghai EXPO are being trained to smile.
    they have to show 6-8 teeth when the smile. they put a chopstick in between the teeth to practice for hours. and they demand them to smile genuely!

    it angries me really that ppl do this! so called "training" is inhuman. what kind of training result this could have? soar jaw and frustrated feelings i suppose. god, who cares if they show 6 teeth or no teeth at all. how can ppl be treated like that smile genuely and be happy about it deep within?
    they want them to show politeness? they should give them politeness first starting with treating them right. prepare enough drinks for them, use better materials for their uniform for summer, care about them, ask them what they can do to make their job easier!

    I believe emtions are contageious and even those girls through the hard training can fake a smile (probably like those old women's face injected with botulin), they surely can not fake heart with passion for the job.

    it makes me sad that this happens more and more in China now...
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Everyone knows that image and face is the most important in China. This just a more literal way to show this. Yes, it's baffling that they'd rather force people to smile than to make them happy at work, but it seems like the face and smile is just another part of the uniform and they wish to make the entire look consistent.
  • Børge Notkevich
    maybe they should try other methods to get people smile, eg crack a few jokes or find happier employees!
  • Alban
    Alban wrote:
    That's the biggest hypocritical scandal of this century..Smiles are and should always be free of charge and natural !!
    Ain't no ' need to train people to smile when they might at the same time be subdued to conditions where they may have sorrow or affliction as deep as to roll down a tear.
    human value should not be marchandized for any so 'called plea for hospitality "
    They'd rather put volunteers in good conditions and make them happy, and everyone will smile his ways.. that's it !!!
    The word VOLUNTEER means " doing things voluntarily (free will )
    and I ain't gonna mark high up a fake smile anyway !!
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... similar training was given to the BJ Olympics volunteers, also recently the Asian Games and Expo, and my guess is that such "smiling and posture training" had been going long before 2008 ...

    Q: did everyone remember the march on 1st October last year? Now that was really something ...

    The fact that such training is in place shows that most Chinese dont know (or had forgotten) how to smile in public, which is sad ... and it worries me more that most people smiles not because of their own sincerity, but only pretentious ...
  • MiLo
    MiLo wrote:
    that's really polite
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    that is why Im out of their list
    I always laugh out loudly :)
  • Simon Frederic

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