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  • Chilly Casey
  • Caroline Eriksrud
    I'm taking a trip south in a month or so and would like all recommendations for Guilin and Kunming. Specifics, like hostels or which tours, would be appreciated. So far I'm looking at The Hump and seeing the Stone Forest for Kunming. And other than the great mountains I want to see the caves near Guilin.

  • Rebecca Arnesen
    hire a bike in yangshou, down the river from guilin.
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    I wouldn't utilize a tour option unless you like being micro-managed and schlepped around to various tourist traps designed to empty your wallet.

    I went to Kunming/Li Jiang DIY-style and had a great time. Just grab the latest addition of the Holy Book (Lonely Planet), continue to get advice from those who have gone before you and go from there.
  • Børge Notkevich
    For Guilin, must visit Yang Shuo, it is a really cool little town.
    Hire a little boat and go along the river for the mountain views, you'll get great pictures :)
    Must also see the "Liu San Jie" show, it is spectacular!
  • WENwen
    WENwen wrote:
    i'm sick of tourist cities......
  • Caroline Eriksrud
    Pete - yeah I'm not much into guided tours either and haven't done that before, I just used the term for vernacular or thinking it might be the only option.

    Angela - is there somewhere I can stay in Yang Shuo, a room to rent for a night in a house? The mountains are what it's all about for me. I'd like to see them at dusk and dawn.

    There are also great waterfalls and caves nearby, yes?

    Please keep the info coming this is what I'm looking for.
  • Børge Notkevich
    The hotels in Yang Shuo are really cheap around RMB100 for a night standard room. They have have great views too. It's a smallish town, so thigns aren't expensive there and also really clean! :)
    There's water and mountain views around there, also at night it's a whole street filled with bars :)
  • NN
    NN wrote:
  • G
    G wrote:
    I am headed to south next week...easy to say difficult to do~~~
  • wrote:
    Astaroth wrote:

    "I hate tourist cities"

    hehe, Beijing is also a tourist city.

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