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  • Wu Tao
    Wu Tao wrote:

    I have an iPhone and a China Mobile sim card. My number begins with 187 and it's this mZone thing. That's everything I know.

    Is it possible that I get internet on my phone?

    best, Tao
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    haha, that was fast! Sorry i don't know the configuration parameters for China Mobile though.
  • Valery
    Valery wrote:
    No no, it's still my 'old' normal iPhone 3G. But I fancy the 3Gs that I'll buy at Yashow someday. Anyone is interested in buying my 3G in wonderful conditions? Haha
  • Patrick Coleman
    iphone 3g internet is same as the pc. you must have a wireless modem. then you can seek it at the settings. give a password, then you can use the safari within your i phone. you can use starbucks or any cafe that has free wifi,, i phone uses wifi for internet.
  • Joakim Lund Rangel
    Don`t think China Mobile have 3G, get a China Unicom simcard that starts with number 186.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... I am here for the dumb questions ...

    Q. I am certain that there are people using 2G handsets to get onto the internet ... unless I had missed anything here?

    One reason 3G had been delayed in China, was because of China's own CDMA (TD-CDMA?), and I am fairly certain that China Mobile has 3G service ... I know that the mZone is not 3G by default, but I have also seen China Mobile promotion about upgrading to 3G without changing number ... so you could perhaps ask about this at China Mobile ...
  • Valery
    Valery wrote:
    Allright, I'll just call the China Mobile support and ask soon. I'll post the answer here then.
  • №❶ Passioη
    Depending on when you bought the SIM card, your m-Zone account may already carry a monthly charged default subscription package which allows you to receive calls for free, send a certain # of SMSes, etc but does not come with any internet.. so you have 3 options here:

    Option 1. Send the message "QXDT" to "10086" to cancel your current package, you should receive a confirmation message almost instantly, then send "KTWLTC11" to "10086" that subscribes for the best package M-Zone has for you: RMB 11 / month - Free receiving of both local and international calls, 60 free SMSes (only to local numbers), and 20MB data-bundle. Ok, if you're a web app freak on iPhone, you might need an extra subscription - but for me who only checks mails, surf a few sites and uses just chat apps, once a while, that's more than enough.

    Option 2: get a separate monthly internet subscription by sending any of the following messages to "10086":

    "KTSJLL5" for 30MB
    "KTSJLL10" for 70MB
    "KTSJLL20" for 150MB
    "KTSJLL50" for 500MB
    "KTSJLL100" for 2GB etc..

    Note that the monthly charge is the number you add to the code. e.g "KTSJLL200" would be the RMB 200 / month subscription (5GB data).

    Option 3 - Pay as you go: this will literally suck off your credits at RMB 0.1 / KB

    * For all subscriptions including option 1, no matter when you subscribe it only becomes active from the first day of the next month. You still need the internet configuration on your phone for anything to work.

    Manual config: the internet by creating a new access point with these details:

    Access Point Name: "cmwap" (for GPRS) or / and "cmnet" (for internet service)

    What the hell is the difference? simply think of it that the first is suppose to be GPRS internet for your phone, while second can be used on your computer by using your phone as a modem ("cmnet" access point). I don't know about iPhone though but this works perfectly on my Nokia N97. If you have any problems or need more configuration details, contact me


    Auto Config: simply call "10086", press "2" for english and "0" to speak to someone from the customer service dept.... if you're lucky to speak to the one who's english is good enough to understand what you want, she will send you an auto-config message. to make things easier, dont talk too much about your problem. Just say: "iPhone, no internet", she'll send you the auto-config.

    save it on your iPhone and you're done.
  • Valery
    Valery wrote:
    thanks a lot for the great help! I'm online now :)
    That's how using an internet community is great an makes fun!

    best, Tao

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