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  • Ramz
    Ramz wrote:
    Going to Pamplona for the Bull run in July, anyone been there? What should I expect, besides a bull horn gorging my anus?
  • Siliconfish
    Siliconfish wrote:
    Are you gonna run, or just watch?
    haven't been there but heard a lot about it.....
    Don't underestimate these european traditions, can be quite a competition.
    If you just tour better not mess around with spanish's women.
    And if you are gonna run make sure that you don't wear red.
    Back home safe.-o-
  • Ramz
    Ramz wrote:
    Yea, I plan on doing the first run at 8am. Hopefully I dont get trampled or horned up. Its the experience really. should be fun.

    Also statistically there arent that many bull related deaths during the bull run, so I'm not toooooooooooo worried.

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