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  • KubanskaKvinna
    KubanskaKvinna wrote:
    Do u think is it fair that u re absent from my pen and my paper but not from my thoughts? Is it fair that 2day u dont come right into my eyes like a reading, and dont talk about hipocrecy, envy and much more?

    Is it fair that u arrive to our date with your feelings that bite and discover, that open and then hide sensations…always in such a gentle way???

    Let my smile and this the best of my lucks fall down right into your life. Let me be the one that tell u 2day that:

    Today is gonna be me the one that want to posses your eyes and knock the door of your dreams, leaving questions and answers all the way
  • Stian Moe
    Stian Moe wrote:
    hehehe no that wasnt exactly my meaning there funny though

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