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    How to get a legal Chinese driver license for foreigner in China

    Chinese Driving license

    Chinese Driving License For Foreigners and Extend Chinese Visa For Foreigners

    We can get a Chinese driving license for foreigners with any visa. You can verify its validity at driving and vehicle license centre.If you want to drive car in China , Please contact us.

    Here is a list of documents we need to help a foreigner get his or her Chinese legal driving license :

    1.a copy of the main passport page

    2.a copy of the valid visa ( any visa type is ok ).

    3.a copy of the both sides of the overseas driving license

    4.a copy of the last entry stamp

    5.8 one-inch color pictures with white background

    6.Your chinese name and your height in centimeters

    We also can provide the service to extend China visa for foreigners in China.

    L visa to 3/6/12-months L visa (0/1/2/m entry)

    F visa to 3/6/12-months F visa (0/1/2/m entry

    Tel: 13428688292
    Msn: chinaservice8899@hotmail.com
    Skype: chinaexpatservice
    Email: zh@chinavisa-service.com
    Website : http://www.chinavisa-service.com
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