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  • Nicole
    Nicole wrote:
    I have a girlfriend who dated a young hot Chinese model two years ago. At that time, she was 32 and he was 22. The chemistry was good at the beginning, but now they are breaking up.
  • Åshild Camilla Lande Berge
    Why is my title cut short? My title should be "Girls, will you date a guy who is five years younger than you or even more?"
  • Man TianFei
    Man TianFei wrote:
    now is ok,, but when i get older,, would not.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Lin, that makes no sense. You are my age at 27 right now... so you would date a 22 year old boy right now, but when you turn 35, you wouldn't date a 30 year old? 27 to 22 should be more different as far as culture and maturity than 35 to 30. Or even if you are 55 and you marry a 50 year old man, it's even less of an issue.
  • Åshild Camilla Lande Berge
    That sounds reasonable. My girlfriend and her to-be-ex bf's problem is, she is getting older and she wants to have a stable life with stable income, but her bf is not aspiratious enough to provide what a family needs.
  • Hanna Eriksen
    Hanna Eriksen wrote:
    why not??but I'm only 20....so he is 15 that's crap
  • Man TianFei
    Man TianFei wrote:
    Jon Gu, you are not a girl,,,, of course u can't understand girl thinking..i don't think i am as chariming as .Marguerite Duras ,would had a lover told me: 比起你年轻时,我更爱你现在倍受摧残的容颜..
  • Åshild Camilla Lande Berge
    Haha~ I saw this remark online years ago.
    "Men are the most loyal and committed animals, because no matter how old they are, 20s, 30s, 40s or even 70s, they always want to date girls in their 20s." :-P
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    hahahahaha Nicole that's great :P
  • ****
    **** wrote:
    guys if a women is with a men yonguer than her it could mean different things:

    -she want to enjoy her life in a way only young men can giver her because there is more naiveness, a bit more crazy and surprise.

    -she is boring with her own age, some people are like that they don't know how to act with people of their own age, they need a difference

    -she thinks it is more easy to handle younger

    -she just love him

    -other reasons i don't have in mind right now

    anyway if she is happy then she should just go for it, but womens with younger men should be careful because they could have a tendancy to think she can do whatever she wants with him because he is younger but no, he is not a pet and even if he is younger she must be treating him as equal or he will feel opressed and will leave her for a younger one.

    a other thing also, model are not boyfriend they are pet, i'm sorry but it's true.first if you are a model it's already mean you are not so bright,smart and second they have a taste for being take care by a older woman, so if a woman wants to get serious with a younger man it is possible but certainly not with a model unless he is near 40 but then the woman should be near 50 but it would be going a lit bit away from the topic
  • Åshild Camilla Lande Berge
    Yeah, Jon, isn't it a really smart remark?
  • ****
    **** wrote:
    funny indeed Nicole, and good citations about Marguerite Duras for Lin Xiao Man
  • Erik Røger
    Erik Røger wrote:
    age doesnt make a difference, if youve got chemistry
  • Hans-arne Sundal aasebø
    @YES Sir, we know you always hope to get that kinda of girl ,, older than you !!! lol....
  • ****
    **** wrote:
    yeah i would rather say it's a part of the jokes every gender says about each other
  • Rune
    Rune wrote:
    you guys are so shallow... obviously the only thing that matters is looks, not age
  • ****
    **** wrote:
    looks at the beginning always but then the others things came in the way, because no offense but you have a lot of beautiful girls but many of them are just beautiful then if you stay long time she could be boring or without education at this time you wish she coul give away a bit of her look to make the rest better.
  • Åshild Camilla Lande Berge
    I'm 29, but i was told that I look like 22! Hahaha~~ I guess looks do matter more than age.
  • Thomas Fjeldstad
    I've talked to older women who don't seem to mind dating a younger man
  • Åshild Camilla Lande Berge
    I think for girls, there is this advice: If you only care about chemistry and do not look for a future with a younger guy, just follow your heart and go for it; but if you are looking to settle down and build a family, you need to be more cautious. You have to check if the younger guy is ready for that.
  • Åshild Camilla Lande Berge
    Can't believe that I'm already 29!
  • Shukri Olad
    Shukri Olad wrote:
    @Nicole guys'd never be ready to settle down with the *none-right*person,and would always be willing to settle down with the one and the only one- no matter old ones or young ones
  • Runar Korneliussen
    i would if he acts mature
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    This thread just reminds me someone whom I just knew last Sat.
    The guy,oh sorry,should be young boy,he is exactly 5 yrs younger then me,there must be something wrong between us,at least the chemistry is not proper,otherwise he will not like this big girl whom 5 yrs older then him.
    Talked to friends about this,they ever even teased me,no worries,since he is a young boy,you can always try to play with him when you get stress out from work,especially recently tons of pressures.Hey,com'on,I dont suppose myself is really old enough to have boy toys.... >_<

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