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  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Just because I'm bored and can't sleep:

    What was the worst trouble that you ever got into at school when you were a kid?

    When I was in junior high school (around 14) my buddies and I all had the same health class and would sit together and make obnoxious comments the entire time.

    While making fun of some lame filmstrip that we were watching (remember those?) the teacher -- an alcoholic ex-Marine with a bad temper -- picked my chair up with me in it and tried throwing me across the room after I ignored his many warnings.

    I don't remember the exact words that I used -- probably lots of cursing and finger-pointing -- but school authorities took his side and I was suspended for three days.

    Go figure.

    How about you?
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Everyone always thought I was one of those darker kids in high school... occasionally I would wear trench-coats and wrote a lot of dark stuff for English class assignments. Always something about death/violence/war/torture. Used to write short bloodbath/torture stories and even had a friend who read it and drew them out for me.

    So one day, I get pulled outta class and questioned by a police officer... I have no idea what it's about but they cite my assignments and my own personal notebook as evidence that I'm a bad person and they are gonna get me for something... eventually it turns out that someone made a bomb threat against the school via a letter. I saw the letter and the handwriting looked exactly like mine, like spot on exactly like mine. They did a handwriting analysis which proved it wasn't me though, but it was scary and I thought "wtf, did I actually write that??"

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