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  • Thomas
    Thomas wrote:
    I am also looking for a language partner. I've been living in bj for a while now and, while my Chinese vocab and reading skills are decent, my speaking hit a plateau (and a rather low one at that) a while ago and isn't really progressing as quickly as I had hoped. I don't have time for formal classes, so a language partner seems to be the only option.

    Ideally, I'd like to team up with somebody who actually seriously would like to improve his/her English (maybe studying for exams or something), because I'd like to work on my Chinese at a pretty intense pace, too. So, think more "a language lesson exchange" rather than "a casual chat about your hobbies etc". For what it's worth, I got the English teaching certificate too. I don't work here as a teacher though.

    I live in Shuangjing and I work pretty long hours, so it'd be best if you lived in this part of Beijing too, because I'd like to meet up on weekday evenings..

    Just send me a message if you think this would work for you...

  • Ingrid Daugstad Oterhals
    My name is Kevin, a software engineer working in a foreign company,my English is good enough for language exchanging while I want to improve it.I have several years language exchanging experiences with foreign guys,so if you are interested with doing it with me,feel free to contact me at huxdsh@hotmail.com.
  • Jing Lu
    Jing Lu wrote:
    Hi Thomas,
    My name is Jing. I used to be a chinese tutor for more than one year. I got some experience for that. I'm going to US at the end of June. So, i have one and half month left in BJ. well, i'm planning to improve my english standard as much as I could. So, i really glad to do this language swap.If you are interested with my idea, contact me.
    Best regards,
  • Mecca
    Mecca wrote:
    This is Mecca, I want to improve my oral, but I live far from Shuangjing, so ....
  • ┢┦apΡy
    ┢┦apΡy wrote:
    hello ~Thomas~
    I am also looking for a language partner. But my English is poor。

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