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  • Ms.VICS
    Ms.VICS wrote:
    XIUXI" The Monday night VICS University party

    "XIUXI" has reached BLCU, Keji, Erwai and Beihang University!!! On Monday, March 15th, 2010, VICS will be celebrating for you!

    What has been happening is that VICS is going around to every university and honoring them with a party. At these parties and ONLY at these parties is registration for thee upcoming VICS Student VIP Card. Buses will be at the gates of the host school(s) to take you directly over to VICS.

    All Students Drink free
    Student ID is Required
    Free shuttle bus from South gate of BLCU @ 21:00

    Haven't heard about it yet? Ask a friend. All the students have come out and had a blast. Come out, register for the VICS Student VIP Card, and have a great time. Can't wait to see you there!!!
  • Erik Tungland
    Erik Tungland wrote:
    hey guys none of this is fake its real ,u guys said the drinks are too expensive well then come on now its all free,and buses goes there too .give a reply
  • Fredy Moreira
    Fredy Moreira wrote:
    yeah! it's real! I was there last time (:
  • Erik Tungland
    Erik Tungland wrote:
    HEY Thanks and hope see u all

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