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  • Vincent AKA 文森特
    Vincent AKA 文森特 wrote:
    We are well aware of the idea that life constantly evolves. But how far does this process of evolution go? Does it stop at life, or could it be argued that evolution is a property of the cosmos?
    For instance, if the universe began from a Big Bang, and has constantly changed from this point, does this show the property of evolution? And could a similar argument be laid down for known, and constant, change upon planet Earth?
  • Miriam Pedersen
    Infinity, no, yes, yes, no
  • wrote:
    Good one.
    I believe we are descents of people on the moon.
    Do you know the back side of the moon?
    So many secrets here.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Perhaps, but I must call into question the definition of "evolution." Are we talking about Darwin and the theory of natural selection? If so, then yes, that applies only to living beings. The strong survive and the weak get bred out of the gene pool. I'm not sure how that would apply to non-organisms, so I would say that Darwinism doesn't really apply to the cosmos.

    On the other hand, there's that old cliche, "change is constant." Now that part is obviously true, everything in the universe is constantly in motion so things will be changing. Even in the vacuum of space we have gravity and radiation exerting their effects on everything.

    Speaking of radiation and evolution, I'd love to see someone genetically engineer a teacup baby harp seal that doesn't ever grow old and never sheds its fur. Now that would be the cutest pet in the world...
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    @Jon Gu

    Yes, I am referring to Mr. Darwin's definition of evolution. I strongly believe that he stumbled by choosing "life" on earth as the basis of his theories. It's much more ample than that. After all, Mother Earth is the bestower of life (from a purely scientific point of view).
    The fundamental problem with the idea that planet Earth evolves concerns the place of life within the evolutionary process. Does life evolve separate to the planet, or is life – including mankind – part of the process of Earth’s evolutionary mechanism?
    To accept the latter holds severe problems for science. It not only removes us from the top of the evolutionary tree, but would suggest a form of co-ordinated intelligence invested in planet Earth which is guiding us along.
    There are, infact, many indicators that this is, indeed, the case. One of the absolutes of evolution is the idea that evolution only evolves what is required for survival. There is no surplus.
    However, the massive explosion in the size of the human brain goes way ahead of our ability to use it. Our brain capacity is far greater than is required by this evolutionary law. Yet if seen as part of an evolving requirement of planet Earth, our brain size could fall into the evolutionary pattern.

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