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  • D-
    D- wrote:


    Who has a story to tell?
  • Nixul
    Nixul wrote:
    Once upon a time weliveinbeijing
  • Tonje Nygård
    Tonje Nygård wrote:
  • Rebecca Arnesen
  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite wrote:
    That was love ?
    Someone form NY and with me have a great communicate online ,we knaw form friends website ,he visited me when we chated 1 more year ,we have a nice time with together first ---he planed visited other city when he come to China but he didn;t just stay beijing 1 week then folow me to my hometown, this time he asked me if want marry him ,i said yes ,,,,,,,,,second he direct to my hometown, and bought ring for engage ,but this times ,we have many angues ,when he checked in hotel ,the price one day 480 yuan but i said he would be more days so hotel lower to him ,he said hotel will be cheat him,he to bought fruit ,someone return him forge money ,he said ,people want cheat him ,he to by some tricycle need pay more my cost ,he said some cheat him,he with me to restaurant his stomach didn;t agree spicy food ,he said restaurant not good ,that tim he didn;t said all his view but when he came back we have had quarrel for all ,he said Chinese many bad words ,from this i first feel it was mean me ,i just explain to him ,but he said me always with those people side not him and just defend them,said i didn't feel his Situation ,because he never been in China ,,,,for that we have firec argue ,,,,,, by that time i really felt we so defferent in person so i didn't agree he wanted visited me again and decied apart ,so we didn't in touch long time ,later he sent message said he didn;t want argue just want warmer with me ,,,,,but i didn't answer him anymore ,,,,,,i don;t know he visited me cost many money and time but why can;t rspect my people >?that was really love ?and if we didn;t totall accept each other ?
  • Calli Joo
    Calli Joo wrote:
    Feel so stressful after reading your story, Aphrodite.
  • Sofia
    Sofia wrote:
    @Aphrodite:people from different cultures are always like that so it's not easy to be together. You should be strong enough to make it through otherwise it's pathetic
  • Amalie Nilsen
    Amalie Nilsen wrote:
    a story to tell? uhm . . .
    here, u all can try this

    some chinese people use "你知道吗? bla bla bla ~"
    when they say "你知道吗?"
    just interrupt them and say "我不知道"


    well . . . it's a little bit annoying actually,hahah~

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