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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Alright, while we're getting our hands dirty on a massive upgrade on WLIB's admin panel, we've done some quick improvements on the pages within the "Members" link.

    These includes:
    - Search
    - Last online
    - Last members
    - Most popular

    Hope you like it :-)
  • Christian Hansen
    The navigation buttons in the search engine does not work properly, i.e. if the search results are divided in 2 pages the second page will shown "Next" button.

    What is the criteria to select the most popular people? by the way if you click on the picture of one of the "most popular" people you are redirected to the homepage

    Still some bugs to correct =)
    Finally to the whishlist... is there anyway to add a new search criteria so you can search the people by nationality + their current location. For example all mexican people living in Beijing
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Chucho: U mean that Next will show even on the last page? Not sure if I got ur meaning...

    Most popular are calculated from the stars under the profile pic where u can vote from 0 - 5. I'll have to fix the linking tomorrow.

    Yes! We will do that, but first we have to add nationality to the signup so people actually have chosen one. This is something we plan to do soon, as well as searching only members online now. Please be patient =)
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Yes :-) But one thing at the time.
  • Kent Løset
    Kent Løset wrote:
    I have 3 things on my wishlist for the future:

    1. Paging on last online members
    2. Add an extra field for area in Search so I can search for people living in Sanlitun only :-)
    3. Add "Search only online members" checkbox in Search.

    Anyone else supporting this?
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    search members on this forum....
  • Christian Hansen
    Yes Ole, that is what I meant.
    Thanks for your response
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Guys ... "Last Members" is not working ... it is not refreshing itself ... can you check please?
  • pommie
    pommie wrote:
    Stars? Isn't sticking golden stars onto your friend's profile a bit ... childish?

    My wishlist: ban topless photos of men.

    1. It's gross
    2. It causes earthquakes.

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