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  • Shirleywu1120
    Shirleywu1120 wrote:
    for a date. not too expensive please...

    Thanks for help!!
  • Tommy Schou
    Tommy Schou wrote:
    If u need a good Italian or French restaurant, Just call 4006002008.
    They are in partnership with lot of famous restaurants whatever Chinese or Foreign restaurants in Beijing and what is interesting is u might have the chance to have a discount if u call the number above.
    About the language speaking if u you call them don't worry. As long as u can speak English Chinese or French they will assist you
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    French - Brasserie Flo 福楼

    Italian - Annie's ... there is another one at level 6 inside JoyCity at XiDan, but I forgot its name ...
  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:
    Hi, girl, you are Chinese, right? Why not use "大众点评网" ? They have all the information you need.
  • Annia
    Annia wrote:
    the one i like is called 小院,between Houhai and Xihai. They have international food, Chinese, India, French, Argentina......The atmosphere is good for a date.
  • Christian Hansen
    For italian food my vote is for Annie's and The tree (sanlintun). Both have excellent food and warm environment with affordable prices... excellent for a date!
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    The Tree? San Li Tun? Is it the one on Level 3, opposite to Va Va Voom? If so, I am afraid it is closed for good ...
  • Christian Hansen
    Yes Saibo that's the exact location of "The Tree"
  • Alicia WANG
    Alicia WANG wrote:
    Maison Boulud 法餐
  • Sally
    Sally wrote:
    ciro's pomodoro is good, is a italian place, servers fine pasta
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Found a new place last night :)

    Someone from WLIB told us about this Italian place called Meeting Point, recently moved from The Place to Landgent ... so after going to PJY for new glasses, yesterday, we went back to SJ, walked around Viva for a little bit, and then crossed the road to check out this place ...

    We had a late lunch, so we did not order too much for dinner, and our order included:

    Bruschetta Mista
    Tonno e cipolla
    and a ginger ale

    ... and for 142rmb, it was not too bad ... most of the main dishes (including pizza and pasta) are around the 50 and 60rmb margin, except for the some meat and prawn dishes, which went up to between 90 and 100rmb ...

    Location ...

    Perhaps due to the warm weather, there were a lot of people hanging out there, kids skate-boarding, old folks dancing in groups or pairs, so the location is busy, but because MP is on the basement level, it was not noisy ... however, the non Chinese restuarants (other than MP, there is also an Indian restaurants, as well as a Korean and a Japanese one, and a Subway) were all very quiet, whereas the hot pot place (SBSB) was packed, my guess is that Chinese in that area (or in general) prefer Chinese style food than non Chinese ...

    Anyway, for small groups of friends, or for a date, that place is not too bad at all ... less people (and also cheaper) than Annie's ...
    The only place to go for Italian food is here - http://www.lisolabeijing.com/
  • TonyDice
    TonyDice wrote:
    the 'Petit Gourmand' in Tongli is reasonable. If you have the cash, try Capital M or Maison Boulud. If someone takes you there, you have to sleep with them though and I believe consent to full anal intercourse. That's a fact, unfortunately.
  • Cuteangelalice
    tree is my favorate :)

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