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  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    a young capricorn is free of guile, artless. So no way for them to foresee that they would finally be turned into a devil. They are kind by nature, too sentimental and tender to be a love-fighter. U know it would take for ever for them to recover from a breakup.
    They feel shame on it, so they develop a skill being familiar with covering the feelings ,and then always look cool.

    compared to others, the capricorn is the best judge of a character, the upside and the downside , both of them could not escape from the savvy sleuth with a keen eye and the nose of a bloodhound ,……..well except those lies. Remember they are pure?

    when time is passed away, what the capricorn learn from his mistakes is to become a bad boy. Well more specific way to say is ……..a dangerous killer. But it has nothing to do with how he see the world. I mean he always believe in a love no matter how cruel the fact he faces is. Speaking of the love, I have to admit the capricorn is a super idiot , he probably have noidea what to do after he expresses himself to his dram girl. And the lucky girl probably leaves him as he is working hard for their future life with some reasons he has no way to figure out.

    Aha do not conside the capricorn as a real idoit, if u did, u were trapped by them. They only look like stupid because they believe there is the beautiful thing like true love in the world. They always know how good or bad u are.they hate to accuse others unless they have a concrete evidence.

    anyway a capricorn is the most pure person, and belives in ltrue love always, althought they are too smart to find a lover easily.. ,they would never be meant to others,but be indulgent to others, but u would be the lucky one if they fell in love with u. because they would be the only one who had a capbility to find something spectecular inside u one. all in all do not hurt a capricorn,

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