• Amber
    Amber wrote:
    i live in bj, i open the info online, something weired to me still happened, why do people still always have a same question for me: where do u live in bj?

    i really have no idea what to asnwer, cuase i have no idea what the point of their is.
  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    they want to know where u live to see if they have heared of the place before or probably to know the existence of it....or luckily to come visit you if they have interest in you...or just to feed the conversation cos these are common questions u need to ask someone at first when u are starting to know each other...the reason it might be wrong to you is that it was probably asked by all kinds of people that u meet online...(good ones and bad ones) and it left u confused....
  • Amber
    Amber wrote:
    and ........well the more weird thing happend ............i mean i really have been answering this question all the time , trying not to be rude ...........but today i can not help it ,after explaining how i am confused of the questions , i asked carefully one of those asker..............u know what did he say? ------"do not asnwer it then!"

    wow i mean .......sure i wonnt answer. no way ,but i am more perplexed......i mean..... this man is much older than me, ..................39 or 40.........i do nto remember......my point here is ................does the old single man have some mental problems ,they live alone too long to understand others normally? and never try to be nice? or be compatible?

    or i am the one who is wrong cause i am too old to be normal?
  • Colin Friedman
    Maybe they are just trying to start a conversation.
    Maybe they are planning to stalk you.
    Maybe they are being friendly.
    Maybe they are not.

    Amber imho not a big problem to say that one is from District A or B.
    I do suggest that you don't give a stranger your address.

    If you feel that someone is bothering you, then report him/her to the site moderators.

    I am sure that they will take any necessary action.

    May your browsing be safe.

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