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  • Colin Friedman
    Colin Friedman wrote:
    There seems to be a bug in the system.

    WLIBeijing is also showing WLIDalian and others.

    Please separate the various sites.
  • patrick or 潘云迪
    is there such a thing, i mean i saw a few names of those sites looked them up and found nothing, . tries again, nope still nothing.
  • patrick or 潘云迪
    ok mistake there is a dalian one but the other ones, shangai guan xi .. nada..
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Can you elaborate, Mr. Friedman, as to what you mean by "bug" and "separate the various sites?"

    weliveindalian.com (among others) is one of our site partners. It can be accessed by entering weliveindalian.com into your browser. The presence of that site shouldn't interfere with your WLIB user experience.
  • Hariwan Zebari
    I think he meant that we find people living in Dalian (or other cities) on WLIB ... I dont know tho if they registered on WLIB or on WLID and we can access their profile by WLIB

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