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  • Vincent AKA 文森特
    Vincent AKA 文森特 wrote:
    I have a friend back home that owns a tattoo and body piercing studio. She buys her supplies from the US and finds it quite expensive. Anybody knows which place, preferably in Beijing, sell body piercing and tattooing supplies?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Well I have a friend that does tattoos in Beijing. If you buy here you need to make sure they have the quality she needs. All jewelry is not created equally and the good stuff may still be rather expensive. I can ask him.

  • Sasha 莎莎 Wang
    There are quite a few piercing stores around Xidan, my piercer sells piercing stuff including guns etc. Try around Xidan since it's pretty much the only place that does cheap piercings/tattoos.
    Good luck :)
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    Thanks Kodi, will appreciate it if you do. Waiting for your reply.

    Hey Sasha, could you be more specific about the location of the place please. Thanks for your reply.

    Question to you both, do they sell in bulk? If not would they mind giving me the contact details of their suppliers. Thanks again, ciao.

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