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  • Laura Lemire
    Laura Lemire wrote:
    You either love Will Ferrell or you absolutely despise him and would like to see him maimed in public. For the Lovers: what's your favorite Will Ferrell flick and why; for the Haters: explain yourselves.

    Personally, I love Will Ferrell in Anchorman. "Hey everyone - come and see how good I look..."
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    Old School!
  • Ramz
    Ramz wrote:
    Anchorman is unstoppable.
  • Erik Røger
    Erik Røger wrote:
    Superstar is a good flick with Ferrell. Tell me iv forgot whats the flick where Ferrell plays a character that fucks widows, that film has some funny scenes
  • Ramz
    Ramz wrote:
    Wedding Crashers
  • Åse Marie Strand
    He fucks widows? I do not believe I have seen that one..
  • Ramz
    Ramz wrote:
    He only has a cameo part in Wedding Crasher, but yea, he's all about picking girls up at funerals. Its amazing.
  • Åse Marie Strand
    @ Astaroth:

    "My plan was to ask you if I could squire you about town as one professional helping another professional because I know what it's like to be lonely in a new city. But now I am too hurt. And shocked and offended and... and hurt."

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