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  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    I wanted to re-share this since I thought it was funny and I think any non-local who's dated a local before will appreciate it. Not my work, just my translation. Don't get too angry, it's all in good fun.

    Part 1

    "Taiwanese man loves mainland woman"

    This already hasn't been news for a long time in modern 2009; why do Taiwanese men love mainland girls?

    No matter if they're single or married, out of 100 Taiwanese men who have a chance to come to the mainland, 101 will all fall in love with a mainland girl!

    In my own opinion...

    When I was in Taiwan, I had a few Taiwanese girlfriends... my feeling towards them... it made me feel like I wasn't a man.


    1. Taiwanese girls apparently all think money is extremely important. (please, I'm just 20 something, how am I gonna have that much money).

    Mainland girls apparently won't see money as so important. (I don't know what it is that she likes about me either.)

    2. Taiwanese girls randomly carry brand-name designer bags all over ( one costs a few thousand or even 10-20k Taiwanese dollars).

    Mainland girls will even be happy to use a durable bag that they bought off a blanket on the street (maybe just 30 CNY)

    3. Taiwanese girls... if you're going out and don't have a car, no one's going to bother with you (Taiwanese girls will say it's best you [this part either says drive a 'Double B', or 'open double cunts', but I don't know what car a 'double B refers to...]

    Mainland girls... a bus and subway or train together. (Mainland girls will say taking a taxi is so expensive... if you can save some money then do it).

    4. Taiwanese girls. You take [her] to a 499/person buffet to eat seafood. (She'll think you don't have money)

    Mainland girls. You take her to "little tail sheep" hotpot, 150 RMB per table, two people still can't finish it. (She'll say we should save a bit).

    5. Taiwanese girls. When you have a vacation, she'll require you to take [her] shopping at a department store (tell you to buy things for her... because because the guys of the pretty little things next door are all buying).

    Mainland girl. When you have a vacation, she'll buy produce and take it home and cook for you. (tell you not to eat out much, restaurants are expensive and the food's not nutritious).

    6. Taiwanese girl wants to come [back] from her home [town]... she'll tell you what time to come to her house. (she'll say the train ticket is $350, so expensive, and she has so many clothes she can't carry them... (please, the gas money from Tapei to Taichung doesn't count as money?)

    Mainland girl wants to come back from her home town... She'll call you 3 days ahead of time from her home town's train station and tell you to to sleep early, because the train takes 3 days to get there, and in 3 days you'll see a girl carrying all kinds of bags. (They're all filled with the local specialties from her home town).


    Part 2

    After the Taiwanese man and mainland girl are together for 1 year...

    1. Taiwanese women start busily making money to prepare for their marriage foundation... (she'll say to rely on the man's wages in marriage isn't sufficient).

    Mainland women start to give up their career, and prepare to be your full-time [house] wife and mother... (her [it says 'inertia', I guess it means 'inherent nature'] is starting to appear!

    2. Taiwanese women will start looking for the looking for the home that the two of you will buy together after you're married. (Struggle together to buy a home...)

    The mainland girl will start telling you that her parents house in their home town has a badly leaking roof.. (and tell you to to come up with money to build a new house in their outback hometown)

    3. During the Spri
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    3. During the Spring Festival

    Taiwanese girl will help you buy gifts to take home (a hint that you should take her home for your parents to see)

    Mainland girl will tell you to how many red envelopes to stuff to give to her parents and her [extended] family's kids (Because you're Taiwanese you can't break from tradition).

    4. After...

    When Taiwanese girl's on vacation, she'll go to the produce market with your mom. (starting to prepare for married life)

    Mainland girl will tell you her brother needs a registration fee to go to college, and wants you to help her out and pay tuition. (wow, that's not my kid).

    5. When you're getting married...

    The Taiwanese girl will say we should live at [your parent's] home first, and buy a home when we have enough money. (this is the right way too... your wife should learn the way of housekeeping from your mom).

    The mainland girl will say her parents want you to buy a home in Shanghai before you can get married... and when it comes time, bring her parents there to live together. (wow...I have to raise a whole pile of people if I'm marrying a wife).


    After, this Taiwanese guy things, you can love a mainland girl, but you can't be infatuated with one [intended meaning is you can fuck a mainland girl, but can't love one], and definitely can't marry...

    Without saying two words, the Taiwanese guy takes advantage of the mainland girl being asleep [no, not for that... well, he probably does that first, if some guys I know from Taibei are any basis for stereotyping... hell who can blame them, I'd probably do it too if I was so small that I could rape a girl without her waking up]...

    And the very same night catches the last red eye back to Taiwan...

    On the airplane, in his heart he's thinking...

    That was close... I finally woke up...


    Save Our Planet posted this a while ago in response to another post, but I thought I'd share it again since I translated it for a friend to read. Please excuse the quality of the translation, since I'm too lazy to proofread or correct pluralities and tenses. Also, my Chinese is terrible.
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    Judy wrote:
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    I'll also include the original Chinese just for fun, now that I think about it:
















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    爱谁谁 wrote:
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    Minger wrote:
    哈哈,我懒得弄……不过,你随便在谷歌输入"chinese simplified traditional converter"就找得到一些很方便的网上工具。
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  • Alexander Myrstuen haukerud
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  • Alexander Myrstuen haukerud

  • 芝芝
    芝芝 wrote:
    and two of them both dumped the guy whoever wrote this
    that's the point
    taiwaness guys have no money, and no true love to offer
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    No, I don't think that actually is the point. Jojo has it right, that whether these are fair or not they're generally give a more accurate depiction than spending a year or two in Taiwan or PRC. At least, I think the mainland version is accurate, but the time I've spent in Taiwan is relatively short by comparison so I can't give an evaluation.

    As a correction and addition to your statement about Taiwanese guys:
    Some Taiwanese guys have a lot of money, the average Taiwanese guy has more money than the average mainland guy, and regardless of nationality, most guys? have no true love to offer. :-p
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    I have a ton of true love to offer to women who don't want it and very little to offer to women who do take it. I guess you can call it a limited and rarely replenishing resource.
  • 芝芝
    芝芝 wrote:
    I was just joking about Taiwanese guys, I only know one, he is not the kind of gentleman I like but I can't say he represents the whole taiwan island.

    Likewise, this post is not very correct and gives negative impression about mainland girls. I can't speak for others, but I will never ask my future husband to pay for my relatives' any big things, like entrance fee to college - unless he is a millionare, but in that case it is understandable, right?

    And most women I know won't do this to the men they love.

    so my point is , maybe there are such cases exist, that mainland women expect men to support them after marriage, but they can't represent all the mainland women. And I don't agree that mainland girls only good to be girlfriends instead of making good wives, this is dismeaning to us. I know some case that taiwanese girls dump their husband because they make less than wives, so they are considered to be useless.

    but again, this is just individual, not the whole case.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Refer to the case of some guy... I think his name was Ryan? A few months ago he posted here about trouble with his Chinese girlfriend. He wants to marry her but her parents will not allow it unless he buys them a house in their hometown first. Why should he have to buy his girlfriends parents a house??

    There is some seriously hard-core traditional womanizing thought going on here I believe for the parents to assume that the man is going to retire the woman from her job and support her family.
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    芝芝, fair enough. I wouldn't dream of saying that this should apply to everyone. Maybe 50% though, which makes it good enough to use as an entertaining generalization.

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