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  • Richie
    Richie wrote:
    How about listing the types cheats* users have come across in this website? It'd be better just to list the types and gender and not the names.

    *cheats, not creeps, who lies to you for his/her personal gain, e.g, a married guy telling you he's single to 'have fun' w/ u is a cheat but a single guy just hitting on you is not necessarily a cheat (unless he's promising things he won't/can't deliver).

    I've come across:
    F, providing paid webcam services
    F, trying to lure guys to specific bars (for commissions I suppose)
    F, providing paid sexual services
    F, asking guys to buy stuffs for her
    and the last one is not someone I've encountered personally but heard from a good friend,
    M, being extremely nice to girls, inviting them for dinners, expressing willingness to help with everything - all for the sake of selling what his job offers, and once deal is done... virtually disappears.

    It's fun to find such variety of people when you've added 400+ so-called 'friends'! Luckily, i might be too old (or too young) to fall into those traps but it's amusing to browse thru this site and find some cheats.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    never happened to me.
    but I pitty you. be more aware in future, if a profile seems real or not.
  • Richie
    Richie wrote:
    haha - no need to pity. I'm just curious and find it amusing. And even more amusing are the hypocrites but... let's not talk about them now.

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